Channel costs are rising day by day, cabinet companies can take advantage of e-commerce to create advantages

Cabinet e-commerce has become a hot vocabulary in the cabinet industry in recent years. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cabinet market, it has even shifted from offline competition to online competition. Increasing channel costs and multi-channel battles are undoubtedly paving the way for major cabinet companies.

  The overall change of the industry is slower than the times

   In the past two years, the development of my country's real estate market has promoted the prosperity of my country's cabinet industry. With the further advancement of urbanization, the overall market of my country's cabinet industry will further expand. The times are constantly changing, but the overall changes in my country's cabinet industry seem to be slower than the times.

   The awakening of my country's cabinet brands is not too early, and there are not many companies that have truly embarked on the branding route. The branding route of these cabinet companies comes from TV advertisements, but because their audiences have begun to stay away from TV advertisements, and people’s tastes and personalities are now more novel and individualized, this kind of companies have begun to gradually digress from people’s vision. How to shape the advantages of domestic brands is a problem that the cabinet industry needs to think about.

   organically integrate with the Internet

   When the brand came, my country's cabinet industry was still working hard in small workshops. When the Internet came, my country's cabinet industry was working hard in factories. This is undoubtedly unable to keep up with the development of the times. . The cabinet industry and the Internet, seemingly two completely different fields, can actually be combined organically.

   Everyone knows that the cabinet industry is a lucrative industry, and the price of a set of cabinets is often three or four times the cost price. Sooner or later, e-commerce companies will get involved in this market. From the perspective of Internet development, e-commerce sales will account for most of the sales of cabinets.

   From the current point of view, the types of houses in our country are uncertain and there is no standard at all. Everyone has a different understanding of the house, and they have certain considerations for the cabinet industry to enter the house. my country's logistics currently belongs to small-piece logistics. Large-piece logistics such as cabinets are difficult to be delivered to the door with quality and quantity. At the same time, it also involves the installation and maintenance of similar home appliance logistics, which is difficult to digest and solve in the e-commerce logistics link.

   In the short term, the cabinet industry has no signs of being impacted by the Internet, but if you look at it in 5 years, the cabinet industry will definitely be changed by the Internet. At the same time, another way to integrate the Internet is group buying business. In fact, group buying of cabinet products is easier to produce than group buying of clothing, and it is easier to realize the C2B plan.
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