More than 2000 kinds of furniture fitting hardwares are available


The slide rail is the hardware fitting between the drawer and the cabinet, and it is also the component that bears the weight of the drawer. According to the material, it can be divided into iron slide rail and stainless steel slide rail. According to the function, it is mainly divided into ordinary slides, buffer slides, rebound slides, horseback pumping, heavy slides, etc. The slide rail has three sections (full extension) and two sections (3/4 exhibition). According to customer requirements, the length can be 150-2000MM, and the load can also be 10KG-200KG. According to the production process, it can be divided into powder-spraying slides, steel ball slides, hidden slides, horseback pumping, and basket slides. The load-bearing capacity of the slide rail is related to the thickness of the material, the thicker the material, the greater the load-bearing capacity. The width of the steel ball slide rail can be made from 17mm to 76mm, etc., and the color can be galvanized and black. The powder-spraying slide rail can be made in many colors, which is completely determined by the color of the plastic powder.

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