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Slim Slide Out Pantry

Do you have some space in between appliances that you find yourself wishing you could use? Well, stop wishing and start buying that extra box of cereal with the Slim Slide Out Pantry! You will create loads of additional storage when you use this super convenient addition. This three tier cupboard on wheels can store anything from food to cleaning supplies, and it fits perfectly between the refrigerator and counter. The white finish will allow it to look charming in any kitchen design, so feel free to get more than one! The Slim Slide Out Pantry is set on casters, which make it glide effortlessly for easy access. It is only 5 inches wide, so utilize your extra space with this awesome addition to your kitchen!

Under Shelf Wrap Rack

Your pantry is awesome. It's the place where you keep all of those late night craving busters and yummy treats. But what do you do when the space between the top of your cereal boxes and the shelf above is an unused five inches? That's where the Under Shelf Wrap Rack comes in. Attach it to the bottom of your pantry shelf and utilize that unused space! The Under Shelf Wrap Rack can keep aluminum wrap, plastic wrap and wax paper rolls organized in one convenient location. It is small and compact, so it can fit wonderfully beneath cabinet, cupboard and pantry shelves. Don't let your drawers get stuck because you've stuffed too many wrap boxes in them when you can have them all neatly stored (and free up that drawer!) with the Under Shelf Wrap Rack!

Pot Lid Holder

Pot lids just don't have a natural place in the kitchen. They jam up kitchen drawers when they don't sit perfectly flat and their lid handles make them impossible to squeeze into small places. Yet, a kitchen goddess just can't live without them! Fear not, for now there is the Pot Lid Holder! It neatly organizes up to five pot lids where they can be easily accessed and viewed at a glance. Mount it on the wall for a stylish solution, or mount it on the inside of a cabinet to save space and hide them from view. This excellent organization solution will keep you from not being able to open or close cabinets by keeping the pot lids completely out of the way. And, don't worry about them coming tumbling down on you from the cabinet above! Keep your pot lids out of the way and available with the Pot Lid Holder.

Three Tier Can Rack Shelf

Canned goods can accumulate quickly. Next time you are looking at the canned foods at the grocery store and trying to remember if you actually do have black beans at home already, you won't have to worry that you won't have the space to store that extra can. So, buy those beans just to be safe and store them in your totally convenient Three Tier Can Rack Shelf! This roll down rack presents another canned good when you remove one! The roll down can rack with three angled shelves can hold up to 60 cans! So, never think twice about that additional can of crushed tomatoes for that chili that you're going to make eventually when you have this totally convenient Three Tier Can Rack Shelf!

Under Sink Storage Shelf

Make the most out of the space under your sink with the Under Sink Storage Shelf! This shelf is expandable to fit almost any under sink area, so you can move it to different locations and it will fit just right. Its rack format allows under the sink pipes to maneuver right through it, so you don't have to waste the space around it! With two shelves, you will be able to use all the space under your sink both horizontally and vertically. There are no tools required to assemble the Under Sink Storage Shelf, but you could certainly store those tools on it! So, get some use out of all of your space with this totally convenient shelf!

Get your countertop space back with any of these totally convenient kitchen storage units today!

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