Young people's consumer demand becomes mainstream, driving the development of the cabinet industry 'wheels'

The consumer demand in China's cabinet market is undergoing profound changes. McKinsey’s research shows that in terms of age structure, 35% of China’s total consumption in the future will come from the “post-80s” new generation of middle class. How to better meet the aesthetic needs of young consumer groups and reflect the brand's own distinctive personality and innovative spirit is a realistic problem facing cabinet designers.

  Chinese families put children’s needs first

   For a long time, the cabinet industry has always regarded the middle-aged market as its main market. It is believed that middle-aged people control the main resources of the society and have sufficient purchasing power, and there is more room for profit in developing the middle-aged market.

   This kind of business philosophy is completely influenced by the Western economic model. The dominant consumers in the Western market are mainly middle-aged people, but my country’s national conditions are contrary to those in Western countries. The real market in our country should be occupied by young people! Most middle-aged people in our country have families. Due to the influence of national culture, once they get married, they will devote more experience to the family, while personal enjoyment is insignificant. In the existing family atmosphere, parents always put their children's needs first. Only when their children's needs are met will they think of themselves, or even completely abandon their own pursuits, and focus on their children.

   Although my country's luxury cabinets are mainly targeted at middle-aged people, that is the upper cabinet market, and the luxury route is narrow, and the market space is easily compressed. Moreover, among the current upper-class consumers, young people are gradually occupying an increasingly important position. Under the influence of our country's 'family' culture, both the upper-class society and the common people regard children as the center of their lives.

   cabinet companies face the needs of young consumer groups

   Therefore, in our country, if cabinet companies want to develop steadily, the market they must conquer is not the middle-aged market but the young market. The young population is large enough to drive the wheels of the entire cabinet industry economy.

   Moreover, it is not just the cabinet market at the moment, but the call for differentiation in the entire building materials market will become higher and higher. A big reason is that the market orientation has been in the hands of young consumers. The diversity of functions has a stronger demand than the middle-aged consumer groups. Therefore, cabinet companies take a differentiated route, essentially serving young consumers.

   Because of this, cabinet companies must face the differentiation route and abandon homogeneity in order to win the favor of young consumers. With the support of young consumer groups, cabinet companies have a shield to resist the big waves of the market and let the wind go. Gao Lang's anxiousness can also be safe and sound.
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