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There are three causes of broken hinges. The first is a loose screw hole. You need to inspect your door hinge and find where it is loose. The screw holes at the sight of the looseness are what need to be repaired. You should first remove the screws with a regular screwdriver but be sure to hold the door hinges against the doorjamb and the door before doing this. You should have someone help hold the door up while you take the hinges off. Place the door on its side so that the hinges face toward you. The next step is measuring the screw length. Then take this length and transfer it to a wood dowel. Set this dowel down and hold it down while you cut it to size using a handsaw.

Place the end of this dowel piece into the first screw hole after you have dipped the end in wood glue. Push it as far as it will go into the original screw hole. Repeat the process until all of the original screw holes are filled with dowels. Once this is done you will need to create a ball of wood filler and put it onto the original screw holes with a knife until all of the gaps are filled. Let it dry for thirty minutes and then sand the surface. While an assistant holds the door up you should set the hinges back into their regular seats and place the screws back into the screw holes until they are tight and do not move. The new dowels and putty holes should be strong enough to keep your new hinges in place and not let them fall again.

The second cause is a missing hinge pin. When you look at the hinge if you find that the hinge pin is not there you should look around the immediate area to find it. It will look like a long metal rod. This might be the cause of the issue. Once you find it you should tap it back into the door using a hammer.

The third cause may be a broken door hinge. If you are replacing the entire hinge you should remove them with a screwdriver and take them to a hardware store where you can purchase an exact-or close enough-replacement. Then hold the door up and attach the new hinges.

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