Which material is better for the door handle?

When we design the wardrobe or make it, we will design the handle on the door. Even the open cloakroom will need hardware such as the handle, because the drawer will also use it. Of course, if the wardrobe door is not designed with a handle, we are also very It is difficult or impossible to open the closet door, which directly affects the use of our closet. In addition, the quality of the closet door handle also directly affects the service life of our closet, and it is also linked to all the beautiful decorations of the closet, so the closet door handle So important, what kind of raw material hardware handle is better? Aluminum alloy handle is a kind of raw material that people use more, because it is cheap, and the quality is also good, it is strong, durable, long-term use will not fall off the paint, will not show wear and other conditions, the more important is It is also very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. However, the aluminum alloy handle should be maintained frequently or it will rust. We now have common handles made of aluminum alloy materials in our lives, as well as stainless steel handles. This is also a kind of raw material handles that our wardrobe doors use more, and now we have begun to show stainless steel skirting, Stainless steel cabinets, etc., this is also because the raw materials of stainless steel will not rust, and the overall appearance is not worse than that of aluminum alloy, so it is deeply loved by customers. Copper handles are a very retro material. It was very popular when we were young. The main reason is that they are mostly presented in old Chinese and classical styles. Now with the popularity of new Chinese and modern styles, copper handles are gradually becoming more popular. It also gradually disappeared from people's eyes, but its color and markings are very delicate. Believe that Chinese people are no strangers to ceramics. This is a kind of raw material that has been very popular since ancient times. Its major advantage is that it is smooth, clean, and bright. The manufacturing process of the handle of the wardrobe door is also from the process of making ceramics. The ones that have evolved are all with unique craftsmanship and design. If you are designing some fashionable patterns and colors, they are also very personalized.  
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