Which hinge brand is good? List a few must-know cabinet hinge brands


As far as the current home improvement is concerned, hinges are widely used in cabinets, and hinges play a higher role and significance for cabinets. Branded hinges with better quality and excellent quality can reduce cabinet doors. Friction, so as to give the kitchen a quiet atmosphere, but which hinge brand is better? From the following examples of several must-know cabinet hinge brands, you can know one or two.

Which is a good example of the hinge brand? I will give you a few must-know cabinet hinge brands.

As far as home improvement is concerned, hinges are widely used in cabinets, and hinges play a role in cabinets. The effect and significance of the products are higher. The brand hinges with better quality and excellent quality can reduce the friction of the cabinet doors, thereby providing a quiet atmosphere in the kitchen. However, which hinge brand is better? From the following examples You must know one or two of the cabinet hinge brands.

Hinges are related to the quality and service life of the cabinet. Of course, the more famous hinges can be favored and loved by more people. For example, several major hinge brands are indispensable for home decoration. The role of.

Bailong Hinge Brand

Bailong Hardware is currently one of the top ten hardware accessories brands in my country, and it is also in a forward-looking position in the industry among the hardware and building materials brands of cabinet furniture. Blum's hardware products are all people-oriented, and its production and design concepts can be described as the world's high-end. Even a small hinge product, Blum will do its best with its performance and appearance.

Hinge brand Erheidishi

Heidishi is a company that mainly produces industrial hardware and home decoration hardware, including hinges and drawers. In addition, Heidishi is also a foreign company Established in 1988 in Germany, as a world-renowned brand company, Hettich’s products are also numerous. Guided by kitchen and bathroom series products, the drawers and internal parts designed by it have already been approved by many families. Support and recognition, and products such as door hinges and sliding doors in its residential furniture have also been respected. Of course, since such a famous brand, Hettich’s products are still quite expensive, so the choice should be based on the family The actual situation, according to our ability.

Hinge brand Sandongtai Hardware

Founded in 1991, Dongtai Hardware has a history of more than 20 years. It specializes in cabinets, bedroom furniture and bathroom hardware accessories. The drawer accessories included in the bedside cabinets in the bedroom are also branded products of Dongtai Hardware. Dongtai Hardware is large in scale and cannot be underestimated in the domestic hardware and building materials brand industry. Dongtai's cabinet hinges can alleviate the noise of the whole cabinet. , To give the family a more comfortable living atmosphere, choose brand hinges, might as well try to consider Dongtai hardware brand.

Hinge brand Sihui Tailong

As a high-end product manufacturer, Hui Tailong has always been unique in the field of hardware and building materials. Its hardware series products are numerous, and the company mainly Divided into two categories, one is hardware including furniture hardware, residential hardware, and door control hardware, and the other is bathroom products, including shower rooms, faucets and other sanitary ware. Huitailong's brand hinges are of high quality and are worthy of consideration or choice by residents.

Hinge brand Wuyajie Hardware

The craftsmanship quality of Yajie’s products is top-notch in the industry. Each product has undergone many process and technical treatments, and Yajie Special attention is also paid to the production of door hinges. In the field of brand hinges, Yajie can also lead other domestic hinge brands as a leading brand.

The five major hardware hinge brands cited above are relatively well-known at home and abroad. Of course, there are hinge brands such as Gute and Sakura in China that can also be used as home decoration brands.

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