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Weight Lifting Required

Figure out what kind of durability you're going to need for the cabinet doors. This includes both weight class and number of hinges needed. From light to heavy-duty cabinet hinges, there are a range of options. If you have a heavy cabinet door set up or want to ensure the hinges can withstand some extensive use, make sure to go with a heavy-duty model. Depending on the cabinet's door height and weight, you might need from two to five hinges. For example, a cabinet door 40 to 60 inches high, between 13 and 20 pounds, would likely require three hinges for adequate support.

Display or Conceal, That is The Question

Are you going for a minimalist look or do you want the cabinet door hinges to be part of the show? If you'd prefer to let your cabinets be the focus of attention, consider choosing concealed cabinet hinges. These types of hinges are basically invisible when the cabinet doors are closed, preserving the look you desire. However, if you're into adding more design elements, decorative hinges provide all kinds of styles to accent your cabinets. Get a butterfly style frame wing or choose a complimentary finish. Additionally, if you're just looking to save money, you can purchase inexpensive butt hinges for a classic look.

Left or Right Hand Opening

Even the most basic decisions need to be considered. Determine the hand of your hinge by figuring out if you have a left hand door or right hand door. Some hinges come not handed, which means you can use them for both right and left hand doors. Once you've finished researching the style of hinge you want you can then find either a specific right or left handed hinge or go for a non-handed variety.

Frame and Fit: The Look

The way your cabinet frame is set up will also determine the kind of hinge needed. Different cabinet door hinges are required for frameless and framed varieties. Additionally, the fit is related to how the face frame overlay is set. There are typically three hinge styles: full overlay, 3/8' inset, and full inset. It's similar for frameless cabinets, but with half overlay instead of three-eighths.

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