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1. The basic capacity of the cleaning tools market place is billions of dollars, with an annual increasing rate of over 25%. 2

. Cleaning tools are indispensible in everyday life. This business has seen steady development, not even hindered by the financial crisis in 2008.

3. With the rising of people's living standard, people's requirements for cleaning goods become significantly higher.

Innovative and high-tech goods come out continually, raising the profit rate of this market. After-sale service is also profitable Bathroom facilities with their smart appearance and functions are used by a lot of families; nonetheless, as those facilities (toilet, bath sponge, shower panel and so forth) are comparatively complicated goods, plus the mixed qualities of different manufacturers and lack of clear standards in this industry, the rights and interests of consumers are hard to protect. Hence, high-quality after-sale service is the focus of consumers as well as manufacturers who want to increase their ability of competition. During usage, any product can generate problems more or less, such as the ageing of components and parts and unexpected damage, which all cause inconvenience for users. The manufacture of bathroom facilities is composed of multiple procedures, using different components and parts. The design and production of a single product generally takes 20 to 35 days or even longer. And the function of bathroom facilities, such as bathroom cabinet and toilet, depends on not merely the product's quality itself, but also the installation and usage subsequently.

As a product, bathroom facilities inevitably have its defects. Things like the condition of dry-wet separation and improper maintenance during usage can easily lead to problems like discoloring of counter, segmentation and secession of door hinge. As you can see, it truly is no easy job providing after-sale service. But with all these problems, without a good after-sale service, there are no rights or interests for consumers.

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