Where are the solid wood cabinets good? My Le cabinet French solid wood kitchen Turin moved home

Solid wood furniture is favored by more and more people because of its natural and environmental advantages. However, with so many brands on the market, we often have questions: Where is the best solid wood cabinet? In fact, the factors that affect our selection and purchase of solid wood cabinets to a large extent are the material selection and design.

Legend: A variety of mainstream styles and styles

   Wo Le Cabinet, as a leading design brand in China's kitchen cabinet industry, has been focusing on original kitchen design for 13 years. The cabinet design style covers eight mainstream styles, including American, Italian, New Chinese, Simple European, and Modern. The rich styles and fashionable and exquisite appearance have been recognized by the industry and consumers. Today, I will share one of the pinnacles of solid wood design of Wo Le cabinets in 2018-Turin series, and see why it is the pinnacle of solid wood design.

  Italian solid wood Turin-imported material

   Speaking of materials, the editor believes that the natural color of solid wood is one of the reasons for the choice of modern healthy living. In the choice of materials, the types include dozens of ash, walnut, maple, oak, ash, birch, elm, cherry and so on. These materials come from nature and can give residents a sense of intimacy.

Legend: Many styles and stylish and exquisite design appearance

   My Le cabinet solid wood kitchen Turin, imported high-quality basswood from abroad, just retain the original material and color sense in the wood. One design is designed in 2 colors (Basswood Dark Brown and Basswood Red Yellow), the former is elegant, classic and luxurious, and the latter is bright, light and restrained.

  Italian solid wood Turin-innovative design

  Before, we learned that the Torino series of solid wood kitchens with solid wood cabinets is different from the usual solid wood furniture design in the past. The designer of the cabinets will make differentiated designs according to the different types and habits of consumers for consumers. Create your own solid wood Turin kitchen.

Legend: Many styles and stylish and exquisite design appearance

   In terms of design, the solid wood kitchen in Torino incorporates curved elements to increase the overall sense of refinement. The island with an innovative arc design enhances the agility of the kitchen; the integrated arc door and countertops are exquisite and more attractive. Among them, the most finishing touch is the 'Hui' shape design of the door panel, which shows the classical meaning leisurely.

Legend: Many styles and stylish and exquisite design appearance

   In terms of shape, the shape of my Le Turin solid wood kitchen is changeable and flexible to adapt to different apartment types. Regardless of the type of apartment, our cabinet designer can move your Turin solid wood kitchen home for you. The large apartment is preferably a mid-island design, which enhances the social function of the kitchen; the medium-sized U-shaped design makes efficient use of every inch of kitchen space. .

  According to our understanding, the solid wood Torino series, as the first innovative new product launched in early 2018, has been fully tested by the market in the six months since its release, and has been praised and loved by consumers of WoLe cabinets. We have used market practice to answer 'Where is the solid wood cabinet good' for everyone, so that you can always have a luxurious and noble quality kitchen life.
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