When planning and redesigning a new bedroom, doors


However, by the same token, choosing the wrong doors in a room can ruin all that hard work you've put in. Only by considering what type of room you're going for can you select the best type of bedroom doors for you. But what are the different styles?

Bi-fold doors

Whether you've downsized a room in a house or are looking for novel ways to give your boudoir a little more space, the bi-fold option are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of swinging open all the way out, bi-fold require less space to open as they have a hinge that folds inside when pulled out. As well as being a great option for homeowners who are looking for space-saving solutions, bi-fold doors are also great for those who don't want their doors to take too much attention from other areas, as well as in modern spaces.

Classic wooden doors

In a period farmhouse or ancient property, sturdy old bedroom doors really do go a long way to creating that authentic old English aura. And the thicker the door the better! A thick door means security and longevity as well as style. No-one wants to start the day the wrong way, and if you wake up in a room that's kitted out with the most stylish, classic oak-style doors then that is a great way to begin a day.

Modern doors

However, we can't all live in old cottages from another era and many city-dwellers or those with more modern homes choose a brighter, more interesting door for their bedroom. Doors such as these are great for rooms that are already a little short of natural light, with lighter colours that welcome in. Modern vinyl designs are also a far more versatile option than others too and can be painted a wider variety of colours to suit the individual style of a room.

Mirrored doors

When you're seeking to create an inclusive bedroom environment then the mirrored style are a relatively new option that are being introduced by bedroom designers across the country and that gives great amounts of light to a room. Consisting of a standard door with a large mirror attached to it, doors such as these are a great option if you're looking for something slightly different and to impart your very own personality on a room.

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