When moving to a new house, don’t just install cabinets in the bathroom! These new objects are also essential to enhance the quality of life

As the day conditions get better and better, our home requirements are getting higher and higher. When moving to a new house, we must renovate and renovate. As for the bathroom, it is usually used very frequently, and we must use our heart to make it. In the days to come, we will be able to provide us with larger bento. In addition to installing cabinets to store sundries in the bathroom, we also need these new objects to help. Let's take a look at what we have! First of all, the bathroom is a space that requires great privacy, but the bathroom generally has windows for boring ventilation. Therefore, friends who advocate that the bathroom has large windows or a bright shower room should paste this 'privacy film' on the glass. , It is an electrostatic sticker, it will not leave any traces after tearing off, and it can be reused. It has a strong adsorption ability. When we wash our hands, if you use soap, dirt will remain on the soap. Many people choose to use hand sanitizer. Bottled hand sanitizer is not only not beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. Many people who are looking for the quality of life choose to pack them in bags. Put the hand sanitizer in a very beautiful box. This snail-shaped hand sanitizer box is not only beautiful, but also convenient and hygienic when pressing the liquid. It is also loved by children. It is fun and conceived, and makes children fall in love with hand washing! Technology is everywhere and is quietly changing our days. This sensor-type hand sanitizer box does not need to be pressed, and the infrared sensor automatically discharges the liquid. It is more hygienic and convenient without touching. The appearance is elegant and atmospheric, and it can be used in a variety of occasions. It's very easy to use. Fully conceived! Generally, our toothbrushes and other toiletries are kept in the bathroom for a long time, but the bathroom is relatively moist, and it is easy to breed bacteria. An easy-to-use and inexpensive toothbrush sterilizer is needed by every family. This toothbrush sterilizer adopts ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization. The sterilization rate is above 99%. It is safe and reliable. It is smart chip planning. The disinfection takes only 4 minutes. After the disinfection is completed, the power is automatically cut off. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe. There is another key to it. The common function is to actively squeeze toothpaste, which is really convenient! The toilet in the bathroom is indispensable. The height of the family is different, the feeling of using the toilet will be different, especially for children and pregnant mothers, it is really not 'convenient' when it is convenient! Putting such a toilet stool on the side of the toilet can effectively avoid the numbness of the feet when going to the toilet for too long. The foldable design makes it convenient to store when you don't need it! When it comes to the toilet, it is inevitable to consider the problem of its blocking. Once the toilet is blocked, it is very troublesome. In severe times, it is necessary to hire a professional repairer. It is laborious and costly. It is recommended to have one at home. The toilet is easy to pass, and it is very convenient to pass the toilet! It can handle various drainage and sewage problems caused by pipeline blockage. Not only the toilet, but its maximum useful length can reach 10 meters. It can be said that as long as it is there, all pipes in the house will never be blocked again. This kind of thing is exquisite and delicate, it doesn't occupy a place in the home, and it is also convenient to use, and every family needs it. The trash can at home without a lid will be very unhygienic, and if it has a lid, it will be very dirty. This kind of cross-cutting object is a trash can and toilet brush storage integrated plan, push-button switch, one-button open, no dirty hands, toilet brush Hidden storage, space-saving and beautiful, a very useful little thing! In general, there are many towels in the bathroom of a home, because they can be used for bathing, washing hands, and washing face. Therefore, the towel rack is one of the essential items in the bathroom. In the past, the towel rack required to drill several holes in the wall, which was time-consuming and laborious. It is recommended to install such a non-punched towel rack, which is easy to use and convenient to install! The mops at home are usually placed in the bathroom, but the bathroom is relatively moist. It is very easy to put on the ground to regenerate bacteria and even mold. It is recommended that you use a mop holder to hang the mops on the wall one by one, not only drain The moisture of the dry mop can also keep it dry and reduce the growth of bacteria. And it is punch-free, not only to deal with the problem of mop storage, but also does not damage the wall, it is very simple and convenient to stick it!
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