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There are many finishes to choose from. Even though cabinet hardware is usually made out of steel, it can be made to look like bronze, nickel, copper, brass, or with a matte finish. Being consistent with your decor and making sure that the cabinet handles and knobs match the hardware you have is key. You do not want silver handles on a cabinet that has hinges of a different colour. Or you can use hinges that are invisible once the doors are close.

Things like light switches and fixtures should be considered along with any of the other metallic elements found within your room. Or try to match it to other materials that have been used in your kitchen. Is the majority of your kitchen made of wood, metal or granite? Do you have many glass doors, or ceramic tiles on the walls? Consistency and flow will be given to the room by matching these up.

Many designs of cabinet handles and knobs are available, and do you choose handles or knobs? Sometimes you maybe not be able to change your handles to knobs, simply because handles need two drill holes in the cabinets instead of one, and you will be left with an unsightly hole when you change it to a knob. Pulls and knob handles also should be about the same size as the original ones to avoid any problems.

You could take one of the stock cabinet selections with the fixtures already offered, but maybe this will not match your kitchen's existing style and it is worth spending time choosing unique fixtures. Using matte metal hardware when you have a traditional kitchen is a great mix that blends perfectly.

Thinking technically, the hinges bear the weight of your doors, so the size of the cabinet door will dictate which hinges to choose and how many hinges you will need. Too few hinges, and stress will be put on the hinge and door through repetitive use. Your cabinets can quickly look worn, or difficult to open.

Don't try to save money and be satisfied by factory seconds. Aluminium hinges and hardware will not save you money in the long run because they will not function optimally and will create stress points on your doors. Correctly installed hardware should last, making the purchase of spares unnecessary.

If you are not sure how to install cabinet hardware, get a professional to do it. There are also different types of hinges available for different types of doors. There are:

- Flipper Door systems (for sliding, hiding doors)

- Clip-on hinges (for wider opening doors)

- Cross corner hinges (for doors closing at a 45-degree angle)

- Fully Concealed Hinges (for doors concealing pull-out shelving)

- Wrap around hinges (for Euro-style applications)

Hiring a professional is usually the last port of call but with a system of doors and cabinets that is complicated, this will ensure a lasting look for your kitchen.

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