What to do if the heavy hinge is deformed


There are several adjustment methods. One is to adjust the cover distance. Turn the screw to the right, and the door cover distance will become smaller, and turn the screw to the left, and the cover distance will become larger. The second type is depth adjustment, which is continuous adjustment directly through an eccentric screw. The third type is height adjustment. When the height of the cabinet does not match due to a problem with the hinge, the height can be precisely adjusted by adjusting the base of the hinge.

The last one is spring force adjustment. In addition to the basic adjustment operations, some hinges also need to adjust the spring force of the door. Generally, the maximum force required by the door is used as the base point. Screws and spring force can be reduced in general, and the spring force becomes weaker, which can reduce noise.

K39-Heavy Hinge

Using SUS304 material

T-shaped design, multi-hole installation, stronger

Usage: Van type truck, medium door

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