What sorts of door handles are available in the


There is a whole multitude of door handles in the market place today. There are different styles, materials and uses that make the choices for the modern consumer a difficult one. Firstly you have to decide what you are using the door handles for. You may make a different choice for the bathroom than you would for the living room. Do you want it to have a lock on it? It could be a lever handle or it could be knob handle. It could be brass effect or stainless steel, it could be shiny or matt, the choices really are endless.

Is there a wide price difference for door handles?

Obviously with such a wide choice of door handles the price can vary greatly. For example if it had a built in lock it would be a lot more expensive than one without a lock. The stainless steel handles tend to be more expensive than the brass one. A good way to keep the price down is buying in multiples. If you buy a pack of six, it tends to be much cheaper. Some of the more fashionable modern ones also tend to be more expensive. Some of the best deals can be found on good old fashioned brass door knobs for example.

Where is a good place to buy door handles?

Obviously there are hundreds of great places to buy door handles in the United Kingdom as they are a product that literally everybody needs. There are several things to look out for. Make sure they have a wide range of products; this usually means that they will have several suppliers and will be able to offer competitive prices. Like anything, if you do your research I'm sure you will find a good company to supply your door handles. One place that does spring to mind is called Handle Your Security. They have a great website at www.HandleYourSecurity.co.uk.

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