What rust removal methods do stainless steel handle manufacturers have?

What are the ways to remove rust from stainless steel handles? With the increasing popularity of stainless steel handles, many problems of stainless steel handles have also been criticized one by one. Among them, the most serious one is the method of removing rust from stainless steel handles.  1, manual rust removal   Manual rust removal is the original method of rust removal, and labor protection is poor. The cleaned metal surface generally still has rust stains, and the quality is unstable. However, this rust removal method is simple and adaptable, and it is still a commonly used rust removal method.  2, machine polishing    mechanical polishing is the use of mechanical driving force to remove the rust layer by impact and friction. Then remove the rust. Commonly used tools include electric grinding wheels, pneumatic brushes, electric brushes, rust removal guns, and needle beam rust removers. Different tools have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, the needle bundle rust remover is a small pneumatic tool with a needle bundle. The needle bundle can be adjusted automatically according to different curved surfaces. It is suitable for bending, narrow, uneven and corner seams. The oxide scale, rust layer, old coating film and welding slag, etc. can be cleaned with a needle beam rust remover. The quality is better, the energy consumption is less, the operation is simple, and the efficiency is higher than manual rust removal. 3. Derusting of the roller stainless steel handle The roller derusting is to put metal workpieces and pig iron castings without special-shaped angles and external threads in a slowly rotating hexagonal or circular roller. Due to the rotation of the roller, friction is used. The impact of rolling and rolling removes dirt such as rust and oxide scale. 4. Flame descaling. Flame descaling is suitable for the descaling of steel structures and casting surfaces with a certain thickness. The principle is to use the difference in thermal expansion coefficient between metal and oxide scale. After heating treatment, the oxide scale will break and fall off, while the rust is caused by Dehydration during heating breaks and loosens the rust layer.  5, electric spark rust removal    electric spark rust removal is the use of different electrical conductivity and thermal expansion rate changes of oxide scale and steel plate to remove rust. The metal workpiece to be cleaned is used as an electric ji, and the round roller is used as another electric ji. When the round roller contacts the workpiece, a short circuit is generated to separate the oxide scale, and the rust is separated from the surface of the workpiece with the help of mechanical impact.  
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