What port of loading available for Aluminum handle?

There are several factors impacting SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE Co., Ltd.'s selection of port for Aluminum handle, such as infrastructure at port, port's restriction and cost saving potential. If you have specific requirements on port of loading, you may make negotiation with us. We promise to select the port to fit your specific shipping needs.
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SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE has been engaged in research and development and production of Aluminum handle since its establishment. Aluminum handle is one of Hench's multiple product series. The product features great impact strength. It has been measured by allowing a pendulum to strike a grooved machined test piece and measuring the energy absorbed in the break. People can be assured that this product will not easily fade after wearing or washing it a couple of times.
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Sustainability is a core value at our company. At each one of our facilities, no effort is spared to drive out wastage and operate an efficient and cost-effective system that uses as little energy as possible, minimizes emissions and recycles or reuses waste products wherever we can.

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