What kind of handle should I choose for the cabinet door?

1. Stainless steel handle Stainless steel has the advantage of not rusting, so when you choose the door handle, you can choose stainless steel raw material for the door handle. In addition, the appearance of the stainless steel handle is also very exquisite, compact, stylish, and smooth. Bright, can meet the requirements of home decoration. And stainless steel raw materials are also a kind of raw materials that are widely used in home decoration, such as stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel skirting and so on.  Second, aluminum alloy handle  Aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used in the market. In terms of raw materials, it may not be comparable to stainless steel, and may be a bit worse, but it also has many incomparable stainless steel. In terms of quality, aluminum alloy is durable and can be used for a long time without fading. In terms of craftsmanship, the raw material of aluminum alloy is softer than stainless steel, so its style is changeable, and it can be finely carved on the door handle. And mainly because its price is much lower than stainless steel. So aluminum alloy is also a good choice. 3. Copper handles The color of copper is golden, and it seems to give people a strong visual impact. Its atmospheric appearance, classic temperament and her exquisite texture can make you different in every detail. Feelings. Copper with good raw materials can be comparable to gold, so only exquisite workmanship, it will definitely give you luxurious enjoyment.  Four. Ceramic handle    When choosing the best raw material for the door handle, many people give ceramics a high evaluation. Its advantages are obvious, that is, the appearance is smooth, bright and clean, and the use of ceramics as the door handle can give the hand a new experience. When the hand touches it, it is very delicate and silky. Its manufacturing process has become more and more varied. You can freely plan patterns and styles according to your own preferences, which is very suitable for home decoration. So, what kind of material is good for the door handle? You can fully appreciate the ceramic material handle. 5. Log handles. The manufacture of door handles made of raw wood materials is actually very simple. The raw material used is wood, pure logs, processed through scientific processing technology, and then through technological planning, the door handles created are very suitable for retro Shen Yun's home decoration.
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