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As a supporting product for industrial product manufacturing, aluminum, as an important product for industry, civilian use, and national defense, plays a huge role in different fields. Aluminum can be made into different products through various forms of processing to meet Consumers, companies and other product needs, let's briefly talk about what kind of aluminum alloy knobs, and what are the characteristics of aluminum alloy knobs, not much to say, please see below.

1. Aluminum is easy to form various alloys: Aluminum alloy can meet many performance requirements, and can meet the needs of mechanical properties and corrosion properties. In addition, aluminum alloy can be further strengthened by heat treatment, and its specific strength is even comparable to that of high-quality composite steel. Similarly, aluminum alloy knobs are processed and sublimated on the basis of aluminum, which also has this feature.

2. Good processing and formability: The products produced under the pressure of aluminum alloy include tubes, rods, foils, etc., and the products are widely used. Carrying out machining such as milling, pinning, and cutting for automobiles and hardware accessories.

3. High thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of aluminum is no less than that of copper. It is a good heating and cooling metal medium, so it is widely used in the chemical, petroleum and food industries. At the same time, aluminum alloy knobs are easier to cut than other metals.

4. Polished aluminum alloy has high radioactivity, and the white light reflectance on the surface can reach more than 85%.

Through the above simple description to explain the characteristics of aluminum alloy knobs, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to choose aluminum alloy products. If you want to know more about knobs, handles, handwheels and other related products, please call attention Yantai Tanjia Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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