What is the trend of the cabinet market in 2017 under the trend of change?

With the rapid development of our country's society and economy, the market environment has been ever-changing. Under this influence, the cabinet industry will also usher in a new round of changes. Especially after the market changes in 2016, the marketing channels and market demand of the cabinet industry will change. In general, it will be reflected in the following major aspects.

   Conform to the trend of mobile Internet, the role of e-commerce channels is highlighted

   When the role of the mobile Internet in the cabinet industry becomes more and more obvious, when users' awareness of consumer sovereignty and personalized needs grow more prominent, when consumption upgrades become an unstoppable trend, the market environment also undergoes drastic changes. The company makes changes. Focusing on the cabinet industry itself, traditional cabinet companies have been rushed by the impact of e-commerce. How to adapt to the new trends in the development of the cabinet industry and become a new force in the development of the industry in 2017 is a question that every company needs to think about.

   Reshape the market share by rejuvenation, the market demand has changed

  The strategy of rejuvenation means that companies must understand the changes in the needs of young consumer groups. As the post-80s and post-90s have gradually become the backbone of the consumption of cabinet products, how to win this part of consumers has become a challenge for cabinet industry enterprises. They are not constrained by the design itself, they are more concerned about whether they understand the actual needs of young people. Different from the previous generation, young consumer groups' demand for cabinet products is not limited to traditional factors such as appearance, price, quality, etc. The function is becoming one of their main needs for buying cabinets.

   Transformation and upgrading is imminent, environmental protection changes become the general trend

   There are many cabinet companies in my country, and many of them are small and medium-sized enterprises that mainly produce 'low-end products'. If they do not transform and upgrade, they will face elimination. If cabinet companies want to develop, eliminating outdated production capacity is the first step. With environmental protection standards at the top and sampling inspections at the bottom, the cabinet industry’s environmental protection reform has become a trend. Therefore, cabinet companies must pay attention to environmental protection. Only by unremittingly advancing toward a green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly road can the industry be upgraded and replaced, so as to have sustained vitality in long-term development.

  Supply chain upgrade, inject new impetus for development

   For the cabinet industry, the supply chain has always been a pain point restricting the development of the industry. How to ensure product quality, ensure the standardization of the production process, how to improve the customer's experience in buying cabinets, and how to deal with the distribution and installation of goods, have always been problems to be solved. After thirty years of development, the cabinet industry has gone through a naive period, an early stage of growth, to the present mid-stage of growth.

   As China's economic growth enters a shift period, the development of the cabinet industry is consistent with the national economic situation, and it has also changed from high-speed development to medium-to-low-speed development. In 2017, the cabinet industry may enter the next golden decade. The entire industry is exploring new development models and seeking new growth points.
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