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What is the distance between the stainless steel door handle and the ground?

by:Hench Hardware     2021-08-12
Ordinary door: The distance can be controlled between 80-110cm if the door handle is installed on the door of general home. Of course, the height of ordinary people and the installation distance of door handles for ordinary doors mentioned above, if your height is 180cm or 200cm, you can install them according to your own height. In addition, the length of the door is also different. The door needs to be installed according to the actual situation.   Another consideration for installing the door handle is that your relatives and friends did not open it for you alone. It is also very important to consider whether it will be suitable for everyone to open the door. If the height of the door handle is set too high, children will not be able to reach it, if it is set too low, adults will feel uncomfortable to open, so think reasonably.  
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