What is the difference between tile and white space behind the cabinet

The back of the cabinet can be tiled or left blank. What is the difference between tiled and blank behind the cabinet? Today, PChouse will answer you one by one.   In fact, if there is no tile on the back, there will be a big problem in construction. If the tiles are laid first, the height of the countertop of the cabinet may not be able to accurately connect with the joints of the tiles; if the cabinet is made first, the problem of cutting tiles will be faced. And no matter how skilled the workers are, there will still be gaps between the walls and the cabinets, and then this will become a 'good place' for hiding dirt.   In addition, kitchen waterproofing has always been a problem that people tend to overlook. There are two ways to solve the kitchen waterproof. One is to use ceramic tiles for paving. Ceramic tiles are the protection of the waterproof layer, which can avoid damaging the waterproof layer. Second, ceramic tiles can also reduce the damage of moisture to the cabinets and prevent the cabinets from becoming moldy.  Furthermore, the cabinet is our work area, and its stability is the key. Tiles are attached to the back of the cabinet. Due to its stability, even hardly chopping meat and vegetables on the workbench can reduce the shaking of the cabinet and enhance the service life of the cabinet.  In this way, the only benefit of leaving the cabinets blank is that it can save some building materials and labor costs. For the owner, it is best for the home decoration concealed project to be completed in one step. Since so much money has been spent, don't regret it to save a small amount of money!
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