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What inspection steps are required for hinge processing

by:Hench Hardware     2021-05-19

The first is touch inspection. Our inspectors wear gloves to touch the surface of the stamping parts. This method belongs to direct contact and requires high experience requirements for the operator. Of course, this method is one of the fastest methods. One. The second is the whetstone polishing method. This method mainly depends on the surface condition of the hinge. Use flexible gauze to finely polish the surface of the hinge without any indentation.

The oiling inspection is to apply a clean brush to the surface of the entire hinge evenly in the same direction. This inspection method can easily find small defects on the hinge stamping parts. The last method is visual inspection, this inspection method is mainly to find some macroscopic and shape defects of the stamping parts.

K50-detachable hinge

Use SUS304 material

Two sides are symmetrical and detachable

Purpose: Instrument Boxes, power distribution cabinets, mechanical doors and windows, etc.

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