What color (size, type, specification) is available for Aluminum handle in Hench?

Aluminum handle of SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE Co., Ltd. is highly customizable with various styles and specifications. If you have specific style requirements, please contact our Customer Service. For those in stock, different models and different batches vary in styles and specifications. We could assure you that the performance and quality of our products are all of the first rank. If you have any other preferences of the specifications, please let us know and we will try to fulfill your every wish as much as possible.
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SHANGHAI HENGCHUAN HARDWARE is internationally competitive in the Zinc alloy handle field. Hinge is one of Hench's multiple product series. The design is essential for Hench door hinges screwfix and we have highly qualified designers with rich expertise in designing this kind of product. This is a piece of furniture that looks great, fits perfectly in any spaces whilst offering everything you could possibly expect from it. - Said one of our customers.
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Our company is striving for green manufacturing. We choose materials carefully to ensure minimum indoor air emissions and maximize customers' ability to return materials to the resource stream once they have served their intended purpose.

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