What are the methods for choosing metal handles for reference


Everyone encounters many handles a day, opening doors, opening windows, and opening drawers. These handles have different materials and different shapes. It calmly integrates into people's lives, reaches a tacit understanding with the hands, and completes every space transformation. The metal handle is strong and shiny over time, leaving marks.

Although the metal handle itself is relatively small and is often overlooked by everyone in life, its function is actually quite large. For example, closet doors or other types of cabinets can use this metal handle. Because of this kind of handle, our lives can become more efficient, faster, and more refined. In the process of purchasing this metal handle, what methods can be used for reference?

Method One

First of all, the first method is to choose as many well-known brand products as possible in the selection process. If you accidentally buy a low-quality handle because you are greedy for cheap or unwilling to spend so much money, after long-term use, you may or may not or need not wait for a long time. Only a short period of time, it will It may break, and may even affect the cabinet itself, leading to more serious damage in the later stage, and even difficult to replace. It is not worth the cost.

Method two

The second method is to make sure to choose the cabinet or door handle that matches the door. We should know that there are definitely various styles of metal handles on the market, and many consumers are very picky when choosing. When many people choose, the first principle that most people follow is to like and look good, but in fact they should choose to match the color of the furniture at home. Of course, the best thing is to take care of each other in style. Because it can also play a big role in the whole furniture decoration of the home.

Method three

Before buying a doorknob, you must first measure the Length, and then you can choose a handle with a relatively reasonable size. Especially the handle selection of drawers, the design should be as consistent as possible with the furniture style. After determining the size, we can choose the handle more purposefully.

Method Four

The fourth method is to choose door handles with better market response, especially door handles with larger brands, greater sales, and more common ones at the same time. Try not to choose too bright colors. Or, the design is too complicated, may not be consistent with the style of the furniture, and the price is high.

Choosing a metal handle is not that complicated, but please remember that in the purchase process, in order to not be cheap, ignore the quality of the handle itself. The above is a brief introduction to what you should pay attention to when choosing a metal handle. I hope it will help you. Yantai Tanjia focuses on providing you with better quality handles, knobs, handwheels and other hardware industrial products.

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