What are the materials and uses of stainless steel handles?

The stainless steel handle is solid and thick, pure stainless steel, exquisitely cast.  The stainless steel handle is made of real material, thickened and solid cast. It has strong toughness, is not easy to deform, not easy to oxidize, and has a long service life.  The stainless steel handle has a precise planning process and a brushed appearance, which is fashionable and precise.   Stainless steel handle Pure stainless steel body, real material.   gives you an unexpected application experience, whether it is factory workshop, warehouse warehouse, home appliance repair, car-carrying, painting paint or ordinary family can still use it.   counterbored plan, compact and beautiful after installation, the screws fit the handle.  The handle is designed with a wider diameter at the handle, good grip and strong load-bearing.  Good stainless steel, made of ABS plastic. Thickened and widened stainless steel buckles, steel bar hinges, and overall thickened cabinets.  
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