What are the kitchen hardware? What are the characteristics of these kitchen hardware?


In the kitchen decoration, everyone may pay attention to buying large items, such as cabinets and appliances. In fact, the small details of the cabinets are also very important. Don't look at the cabinet hardware accessories usually hidden in the cabinets, pressed under the cabinets, it looks very unremarkable.

What are the kitchen hardware? What are the characteristics of these kitchen hardware?

In the kitchen decoration, everyone may pay attention to buying large items, such as cabinets and home appliances. In fact, the small details of the cabinet are also very important. Don’t look at the cabinet hardware accessories usually hidden in the cabinet and pressed under the cabinet. Very unremarkable.

In fact, without high-quality cabinet hardware accessories, the service life and aesthetics of the cabinets are not good; then, what are the kitchen hardware? What are the characteristics of these hardware?

1. Hinge

Hinges are commonly known as hinges, which are the main components connecting the cabinet body and the door panel. In normal cabinet use, the most tested hinge is the hinge .

The common opening angle of cabinets is 90 degrees, which is right-angled after opening. The current hinge generally has a two-point card position and a three-point card position, which can basically satisfy the use.

At present, most of the hinges seen on the market are detachable. They are divided into two parts: a base and a buckle. When choosing a cabinet, you can ask the salesperson to remove the door and the hinge buckle together. Inside the buckle.

The steel used to make the hinge is very important. If the choice is not good, the door panel may be folded forward and backward after a period of time.

Almost all major brands of cabinet hardware use cold-rolled steel, and their thickness and toughness are perfect. In addition, you should try to choose a hinge with multi-point positioning.

The so-called multi-point positioning means that the door panel can stay at any angle when it is opened. It will not be laborious to open, and it will not close suddenly, thus ensuring the safety of use. The door of the wall cabinet is particularly important.

2. Drawer slides

The importance of cabinet slides is second only to hinges. About 95% of cabinet companies use low-price and low-quality products. In comparison, the pros and cons of sliding rails cannot be simply distinguished from the appearance.

The main difference between them is the material, principle, structure, equipment, production process, etc. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, it is generally difficult for domestically produced slides to meet the requirements.

Even if you feel good in the short term, it will be difficult to push and pull after a longer time. So if you want to ensure that the drawer can be pushed and pulled freely for a long time, choose an imported brand with superior performance.

3. Pull the basket

Three meals a day inevitably need to go in and out of the kitchen, and it is inevitable to move the pots and pans, how to build in such a frequently moving space A good order of life is a trouble faced by many families.

This kind of trouble can only be solved by pulling the basket, a broad-minded man of ambition, who can easily store various items in his arms. The pull basket has a large storage space, and can divide the space reasonably, so that various items and utensils have their own places.

In this regard, Germany’s big monsters and little monsters are more outstanding in pulling baskets. They can not only use the built-in space to the maximum, but also make full use of the abandoned space in the corner to realize the value of use. To maximize.

According to different uses, pull baskets can be divided into stove pull baskets, three-sided pull baskets, drawer pull baskets, ultra-narrow pull baskets, deep pull baskets, corner pull baskets, etc.

4. Steel tools

After you have roughly observed the appearance of the cabinet, you should open each drawer to take a look. If a combination of steel drawer and cutlery tray is used, it means that The product cost is higher, and the cabinet combination is more standardized. On the contrary, if the wooden drawer is used, the cost is lower. Steel drawers and cutlery trays are also divided into imported and domestic ones. The difference is mainly in the firmness of the slide rail and the surface treatment.

5. Spotlight

General glass door wall cabinets or cabinets equipped with lighting ceilings are often equipped with spotlights. Spotlights are divided into probe type and internal horizontal type, depending on each People like it.

But be careful to choose a 12V spotlight with a transformer, because for safety reasons, the country explicitly prohibits the use of 220V voltage for furniture lights.

6. Faucet

The faucet can be said to be one of the components closest to people in the kitchen, but its quality is often overlooked when purchasing. It turns out that the faucet is the most problematic place in the kitchen.

If you use a low-cost inferior faucet, the consequences will be very serious when there is a water leakage, so you should pay great attention to the quality of the faucet when purchasing.

In most kitchens, the faucet is often a rare highlight. This is because the faucet can provide designers with a larger space to display their talents. Design elements such as lines, colors, and shapes can make people burst out many design inspirations, showing the aesthetics and artistic brilliance.

At the same time, high-quality faucets are the incarnation of technology and require extremely high craftsmanship, which happens to satisfy the aesthetic pursuit of many fashionable people for the quality of life.

7. Water basin

The frequency of use of water basin in the kitchen is quite high, so its choice is also extremely important. Common water basins are mostly stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, and stone products. The choice depends on the owner's preference and the overall style of the kitchen. If the style of the kitchen is more fashionable and avant-garde, stainless steel basin is more suitable.

This choice is not only because the metal texture of stainless steel is quite modern, but more importantly, stainless steel is easy to clean, light in weight, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and moisture resistance. , In line with the quality of life requirements of modern people.

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