Wardrobe handle selection guide


The quality of the wardrobe handle is a detail that we need to pay attention to when choosing a wardrobe. Although the wardrobe handle looks small, it is part of the furniture decoration. Now there are many materials for the wardrobe handle, and the wardrobe handles of different materials Each has its own merits.

Ceramic handles are highly praised by many consumers, because the advantages of ceramic handles are obvious. The surface of the handle is smooth and tidy, and it is easy to clean. When we touch the handle with our hands, It feels very smooth, and it also gives hands a brand new experience.

Stainless steel handles are called stainless steel because the probability of rusting will be reduced a lot, so when you have high requirements on handles, you can choose stainless steel handles to try. In addition, the appearance of the stainless steel handle is also very simple and exquisite, and it can meet the requirements of home furnishing in terms of appearance and function.

L22-Closet Handle

Aluminum alloy material

The curved feet are beautiful, stable in use, safe and reliable


Installation: the foot has a through hole for the M8 hexagon socket screw

Use: medical equipment, food processing equipment, CNC machine tools, testing equipment, etc.

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