Viewpoint: The future of the cabinet industry is bound to be the competition of speed and service

The sluggish real estate has intensified the reshuffle and competition of the entire home building materials industry. Many poorly managed brands or distributors have gradually fallen in this crisis, and competitive or survivable brands or distributors will eventually survive and compete with them. The number of brands will decrease, and the corresponding market viability will become stronger.

  In the face of the harsh market environment, many new brands or dealers with poor business concepts will only choose price wars to maintain difficult operations, while excellent dealers will continue to improve customer satisfaction. Service and speed of response to meet diversified consumer needs. Oupai, the national leading brand in the cabinet industry, took the lead in implementing the 4S service system in its dealer system in 2010. It has strengthened the improvement of customer service levels in the three links of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. At the same time as the leading shopping environment, every customer who purchases Opal can feel the leading all-round service and highly respected shopping experience of Opal, which truly gives customers a sense of God. Because after customers can accept the brand's consumption philosophy, more customers pay less attention to price, and they pay more attention to a feeling, a feeling of being extremely respected, that will make them feel the difference of different brands. Sense of value.

  As terminal consumers, they hope that the purchased products can be installed and used in a shorter time. At the same time, after purchasing the products, they are more concerned about whether they can worry about it. In the process of purchasing goods, consumers will focus on speed and worry-free service. At present, one of the major reasons why many customized home furnishing companies restrict their development is the speed of response to orders and the speed of response to customers. Too slow. Therefore, some companies realize that speed will restrict their future development. In order to differentiate themselves from competitors and enhance their competitiveness in the market, many companies have opened branch plants in sub-regions across the country. The home appliance giant Midea’s method of expanding its scale is to acquire some strong regional brands to disperse the logistics pressure and response speed; the leading brand of cabinets, Oupai, is also aware of the impact of speed on the development of the company. As the scale of the company continues to expand, its northern The sales volume in the market is getting bigger and bigger, and a branch is also opened in Tianjin to reduce the logistics cost and transportation time of dealers to meet consumers' demand for speed.

Dealers of    terminals have a strong reputation and reputation under the premise that their brands have a strong reputation, and service will undoubtedly be a weapon for them to seize the highest point in the market. The author finds that there is a very strange phenomenon in the Shanghai regional market: due to a series of problems such as personnel changes and losses, and store adjustments due to some reasons, it is difficult for the service to meet the needs of consumers, so that many consumers have to buy other products. It is the first brand of choice in the industry. When choosing cabinets, you will recognize the cabinets made by woodworkers. In fact, Shanghai consumers are relatively rational, and they seem to be more cautious and scrupulous in the purchase of goods, but these customers have relatively good consumption consciousness and strong consumption power. As for the reaction to Opal, it was entirely due to the lack of services that caused consumers to worry about the sales situation. It can be seen that even the No. 1 brand of cabinets in China, if it cannot meet some of the needs of consumers, will also be abandoned by consumers. It can be seen that service will be a very important factor restricting the development and growth of enterprises.

  The poor market will eventually cause poorly competitive brands and companies to face reshuffle, and a new competitive landscape will also emerge. Any commercial activity must be able to satisfy the interests of manufacturers, distributors and consumers in order to ensure business If the healthy and long-term operation of activities continues, any commercial activities that deviate from this principle will eventually disappear. At the same time, as consumers become more and more rational, and consumers' demand for speed and services is getting stronger, only companies that can be consumer-oriented can be more competitive and be able to compete in the future market competition. Among the strong brands.
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