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When people buy cutlery, they usually go for the starter set. A starter set will include small kitchen knives made to do the simple tasks of cutting, slicing and chopping vegetables. You will also find spoons and forks thrown in with the lot. It is not unusual to find a chef's knife thrown in there with the starter set. It is preferably a multipurpose knife which can be used for basically anything, from chopping to dicing and slicing. It is also not uncommon to find extra knives thrown in there for good measure. They may not be used in the kitchen, but you will find them very useful in the serving table.

Although there is nothing wrong with a starter cutlery set, it would still be better if you have the support of a large cutlery. You will find yourself having to accomplish specific jobs that cannot be handled by the pieces of a starter set, that is why your other set would have bigger and specialized blades that will handle those jobs. Foods that are soft on the inside and enclosed with tough or hard shells will require the use of these specialized cutlery sets. The blades will dice the hard cover without distorting the content inside. You will have knives included in the cutlery set. An example is the serrated knife, which is used to handle various types of food. Meat and veggies are particularly going to be easy to handle, particularly when you chop and dice them. With the specialized knives in the set, you can enjoy mincing, dicing and even decorating.

It is not enough to know what are included in these cutlery sets, because the material it was made with should be scrutinized closely. Knives alone are made of different materials, depending on the manufacturing company. Among the materials that are commonly used include carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and high stainless carbon. This will factor in the pricing of the cutlery sets, depending on the material used and the quality of the cutlery set.

Naturally, the weight of these cutlery sets will also vary depending on the material used. If you compare laminated cutlery with those made from titanium, obviously the latter set would be lighter. Some cutlery sets are actually made with two or more elements combined, albeit with different percentages. These sets can be distinguished with respect to the amount or intensity of cutting they can do. The material used to make the paring block you are using will also have a lot to do with how you will end up using the knives. Make sure it will remain firmly attached to the blade and it won't easily shatter in the face of impacts brought on by chopping against the paring block. Test the grip. It should be easy and yet firm. It should also have high resistance to the adverse effects of too much water.

Durability is also important when you look at these cutlery sets, particularly when it comes to cleaning them. If they easily chip off, there is a great chance that they can easily rust. That is why many people prefer stainless steel cutlery sets. Use this same standard when you are choosing your butter knives, forks, serving spoons, teaspoons and tablespoons. It would be a better idea if you make it a habit to choose your cutlery based on specialization with respect to manufacturers. This minimizes the chances of buying substandard kitchen cutlery.

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