Transformation into a consensus under the new normal, cabinet companies need to move forward in groping

In recent years, the economic growth rate has slowed down, the development of the entire home furnishing industry is not very stable, and the news of corporate bankruptcy and bosses running away is endless. As a rising industry in the cabinet industry, the trend of survival of the fittest is more obvious than before, and the transformation of enterprises is urgent. So, what efforts should cabinet companies make if they want to stand out in the fierce market competition?

   1. Pay attention to the construction of public technology platform

   In the past, cabinet companies were scattered. Taking smart cabinets as an example, different companies use different software. Incompatibility has restricted the development of smart cabinets. Therefore, the industry needs to strengthen the construction of the public technology platform to promote the common development of the cabinet industry clusters. Establish or encourage social forces to establish a public service platform compatible with the cabinet industry cluster, support the construction of service institutions such as Ru0026D centers, testing centers, and information centers, and support management consulting, technical patent services, talent education and training, marketing, and financing guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises The development of such work provides services such as technology promotion, information consultation, quality inspection, and staff training for small and medium enterprises in the industrial cluster. Through the construction of the cabinet industry platform, promote the healthy development of enterprises in the cabinet industry cluster.

   2. Environmental protection is the development mission of the company

   Today when the concept of green environmental protection is prevalent, should cabinet companies realize environmentally friendly production? The development of industrial clusters in the cabinet industry should give more consideration to the carrying capacity of the ecological environment. The development of industrial clusters needs to be coordinated with the ecological environment and seek a more intensive, low-carbon and environmentally friendly development method. Promote energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies through clean production, resource conservation, pollution control and elimination of backwardness, etc., reduce the cost of energy consumption and material consumption of enterprises, and promote the transformation of high-consumption and high-polluting industrial clusters to resource-saving and eco-environmental protection. In this regard, environmental protection will be the top priority of enterprises in the future.

   3. Emphasize the integration of resources in industrial clusters

   my country's cabinet companies are mainly small and medium-sized, with a wide range of products, which basically meet the needs of the domestic market and export. However, at the same time, there are problems of product homogeneity and low quality. It is necessary to strengthen cooperation between enterprises, gradually realize specialized production, a new pattern of supporting supply markets, and improve the industrial chain to form a virtuous circle. In the development of industrial clusters, give full play to the leading role of the government, mobilize the service functions of local cabinet associations, promote the division of labor and cooperation between enterprises, promote division of labor in production areas, eliminate vicious competition, and optimize the industrial structure.

   Fourth, cabinet companies strengthen brand building

   Brand building is an important way to enhance the added value of cabinet products. How to tap the corporate culture and enhance the brand cultural heritage is an important part of the cabinet industry cluster to complete the transformation and upgrading. The cabinet industry cluster can gather the power of multiple enterprises to jointly create an overall brand image and enhance overall value. Transform and upgrade industrial clusters, strengthen regional brand building, actively participate in various activities within the industry and society, and enhance the brand awareness and reputation of industrial clusters.

   At present, China's economic development has entered a new normal, and the cabinet industry is undergoing major changes. The development of the industry is changing from high speed to medium and high speed, the development momentum is shifting from factor-driven to innovation-driven, and the cabinet industry structure is continuously optimized and upgraded. In the case of increasing downward pressure on the cabinet industry, it is necessary to constantly understand the new normal and conform to the new normal.
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