To seek opportunities for expansion against the trend, cabinet companies need to implement strategic deployment

It is an indisputable fact that the cabinet industry is facing a new competitive situation. How to adapt and find its own exclusive path for cabinet companies in the new situation has become a major strategic deployment direction. Only by maintaining a 'normal mind' and daring to challenge the difficulties of slowing economic growth, digesting overcapacity, and insufficient endogenous motivation, cabinet companies can become more courageous and develop smooth expansion against the trend.

   Cabinet brands with scale can seek marriage

   For cabinet brands that already have a considerable scale, mutual marriage, mutual promotion, and joint expansion and strength are also a direction to deal with the new normal. Especially for some cabinet brands that have little conflict in their own channels, it is the best plan to jointly expand and fight the enemy together. Customers are different, and channels are not the same. The combination can form a 1+1>2 effect. The so-called 'one chopstick is easy to fold, and ten chopsticks keep fold' is this truth. If the cabinet company still holds the backward idea of u200bu200b'preferring to be a chicken head, not a cow queen' and holding on to the handicapped, it may miss the best opportunity to cooperate with the favorite brand, and the brand value will eventually decrease instead of increasing, and the company may eventually be led. To the demise of the dull and unable to extricate themselves.

  When the first generation of cabinets are old enough to retire, or are obsessed with past successful experience and dare not face the pain of reform and innovation, and the children of entrepreneurs are not yet adults or have little experience, or do not have When you are interested in the cabinet business, it is time to consider marrying with other like-minded brands. The mutual marriage between national brands is also conducive to shortening the process of China's transformation from a big cabinet country to a powerful cabinet country.

   second and third-tier cabinet brands need to be dedicated to excellence

   For those second- and third-tier cabinet brands, how to find and strengthen their competitive advantages? Be professional or a viable way of survival. Only by professionalism can we become stronger. Only in the segmented channels can it form considerable influence and appeal, and the brand's viability and brand value will become stronger and stronger. If you have to change hands in the future, if you have to change hands in the future, in the process of mergers and acquisitions, you will have a lot of money.

   small cabinet brands should be positioned as strong regional

   For those small cabinet brands, position their brands to be a strong regional brand or a way of survival. If one's own ability and financial resources are dwarfed, then wanting a tiger to eat the sky and entering the national market is tantamount to hitting a rock with a pebbles. The bigger the stall, the more sales people are needed, and the more difficult it is to manage. Why not shrink the front and become the overlord in a relatively strong and geographically superior area? Only when the fist is retracted and clenched, the punch will be more powerful.
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