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Hongxing magnetic pulleys are often used to replace standard pulleys in conveyor applications. Addition of the magnetic circuit to the pulley adds protection against tramp metal at a minimal cost. Magnetic pulleys are a very effective means of separation as all of the product passes over the pulley at the end of the conveyor and they continuously clean as the return side of the belt leaves the pulley.

Hongxing is the industry leader in drum separators! We offer exceptional craftsmanship and quality at a lower price. Our drum separators work on the principle of a stationary magnet under a rotating drum and are fully adjustable for the magnet start and stop position. Drum separation is an excellent solution to high volume separation where vertical space is available. Any number of feed options can be implemented to allow for feed adjustment.

To clean manually clean drawer in housings, simply unlatch and remove the drawer and wipe the tubes with a rag or gloved hand. Easy clean models are cleaned manually, simply by unlatching and pulling a handle. The easy clean model is a good compromise between manually cleaning and automatically cleaning. Auto clean drawer in housings can be cleaned by the push of a button or cycled via a timer that is controlled by the system controller or separate timer relay.

Common uses for drawer in housings are for sugar, plastic pellets, carbon black, shot, and many other free flowing products. Location should be considered when deciding on a cleaning method.

Chute separators are constructed of a housing with plate magnets on both sides that hinge or slide out. If the chute dimensions are too large for the tramp metal to be removed by just the outside plates, a wedge with plate magnets under it is added at the center of the chute to force all of the product to pass through the magnetic field.

To manually clean chute separators, simply unlatch and swing open or slide out the plate magnets to wipe them off. Chute separators are also available with stripper plates to facilitate easier cleaning.

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