Tips for machine tool handle maintenance


As time goes by, any object will gradually lose its original luster, such as rust, inflexible rotation, etc. From industrial products to all items in daily life, maintenance and maintenance are particularly important at this moment. Hardware products in our daily life are made of metal, such as door handles at home, shower heads for bathing, Kitchen faucets, wardrobe hinges, luggage trolleys, female bag zippers, etc. They are all made of metal materials.

Machine handles are the most common and most frequently touched equipment in industrial equipment. Every day, all kinds of machine handles have close contact with the workers. The machine handles not only open and close. , It has played a very important role in security protection. After most people use machine tool handles, problems will arise over time due to negligence in management. Next, let's briefly talk about how to maintain machine tool handles.

1. Zinc alloy and copper machine tool handles sometimes become 'stains' if they are used for a long time. Don't think you are rusty. It is actually oxidized, please rub with surface wax to remove 'stain'.

2. Lubricant should be reserved on the rotating parts of the machine handle body to keep it rotating smoothly. At the same time, it is recommended to check whether the fastening screws are loose every six months to ensure the fastening.

3. The handle of the machine tool cannot be exposed to rain for a long time. Otherwise, the small spring in the handle bar of the machine tool will rust and lose its flexibility, and the falling rainwater will contain nitric acid and nitrate, and the handle bar of the machine tool will also be corroded.

4. Regularly clean the corners of the machine tool handles that are least noticeable. Daily inspection and maintenance are also better to provide protection for long-term use.

Through the above simple explanation, I hope to help you in maintaining the handles of the machine tool. For more knowledge of handles, knobs, and hand wheels, please log in and follow Yantai Tanjia Precision Machinery.

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