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This kind of cabinet is popular now. It has a kitchen, dining room and bar at the same time less than 3 square meters, which saves the area.

by:Hench Hardware     2021-08-25
My house is only 30 square meters, the space can be said to be very small, there is no space for a dining table, every time I can only squat in front of the coffee table to eat, let alone greet friends to come and play at home! My friend can't stand it anymore. I suggest that I quickly dismantle the cabinet at home and change it to a sliding countertop. It's all ok. Is it so amazing? Originally I was half-believing, but when I saw the picture below, I believed it. Is it very creative? The surface of the cabinet looks like an ordinary island, and it does not seem to be special, but in fact its countertop can slide outwards. The stove and sink are all hidden underneath, and its countertop is just usable. Come as a dining table. Usually it can be a small bar together, you can sit here for a drink if you have nothing to do, and the cabinet below can be used as a wine cabinet. Since this sliding countertop cabinet is so versatile, what are its other advantages? 1 Space-saving, sliding cabinet countertop design combines the stovetop and the dining table into one. Compared with the separate design of the two, it really saves a lot of space. Many home appliances are all embedded in the cabinet, which is neat and tidy, especially suitable for open kitchens like my home with a relatively small area. 2 Clean and tidy. Push the countertop directly back to the original position when not in use. Even the dirty and messy stove can be covered. The kitchen looks neater and more beautiful. You don’t need to be embarrassed when your friends come. It can also avoid dust on the countertops of the cabinets, and it is also convenient to clean. 3Strong functionality, this design not only meets the needs of daily cooking, but also has a dining chair and a small bar in the home. It can be said that this cabinet has a top three and a lot of storage space at the bottom, which is very practical. Of course, there are many choices for sliding cabinet countertops, either as a whole or partly, depending on your own needs and the size of the space in your home. Less than 3 square meters can have a kitchen, dining table and bar at the same time, it can be said that it is tailor-made for small apartments! If your home has a small space, you might as well try it~
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