There is also particularity in installing heavy hinges


Installing hinges is a small piece of hardware, and the installation steps need to be paid attention to. Before installation, we need to check whether the hinges match the door frame, and check whether the hinges and the fasteners connected to them are matched. The hinge connection method should match the material of the connected object, such as a steel framed door, and the connection method is welding.

It is a wooden door, and the connection method is screw fixing. Finally, the hinges installed on the same fan should be kept on the same vertical line. In addition, I secretly tell you that there is damping oil in a good quality hinge. If the hinge is unfolded, the hinge will neither move nor fall down at once, but slide down slowly, which proves that this is a high-quality one. Hinge.

K05B-Heavy hinge

Using SUS304 material

T-shaped design, rotation angle greater than 270°

Use: vehicles, industrial equipment, industrial cabinets

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