There is a conflict of interests among cabinet manufacturers

Cabinet manufacturers and distributors constitute the main body of the cabinet industry chain. The two are closely related, but there are certain contradictions. Cabinet companies should pay attention to the overall brand marketing effect, while dealers may pay more attention to direct profit results. In this case, it is conceivable that there will be a conflict of interests. But for the common cause, cabinet companies and distributors also need to understand each other and work together to push each other's business to a new peak!

   Marketing and business are in conflict

   Cabinet marketers usually unintentionally answer verbal and unintentional questions in terms of business good, bad, or similar, in order to measure their job income and satisfaction and the brand sales status of the area they are responsible for. As a marketer, it is extremely dangerous to regard a certain extension of work as a business, whether it is subconscious or work rules. This will make the marketing work out of shape with the narrowness of the business and the greed of desire, and it is difficult to achieve the marketing work. The purpose of this, resulting in a lack of marketing efficiency.

   Marketing is a means and tool for products and services. This contrasts with the increase in brand reputation, the increase in transaction volume, and the increase in marketing cost-effectiveness. The result of the comparison of business activities is profit. As the implementers and creators of marketing, marketers talk about profits? How to calculate profit? If you confuse wages with profits and treat marketing as a personal business, then the dimension of marketing is the level of business. If you stand at the level of business, marketing expenses, as the basic expenses of marketing work, will also become a part of income and shrink, resulting in the corruption of marketing agency personnel!

  Cabinet manufacturer cooperation must especially understand each other

  Especially in the cooperation of cabinet manufacturers, the frequent point of divergence is the difference between the business dimension and the marketing dimension. As an agent and cooperating with manufacturers as a regional support point, he measures the corresponding marketing activities from a business perspective. The brand's marketing practice activities are aimed at increasing market share and sales, as well as brand promotion and other activities. The two have similarities, but they also have differences. For example, an increase in sales will inevitably lead to an increase in business profits. However, when special promotions are implemented, the reduction in profitability of agents from a business perspective will inevitably bring resistance.

  When disagreements arise, cabinet marketers should not communicate at the marketing level. Instead, they should decompose the corresponding marketing strategy, and communicate the short-term or long-term profit of the marketing activities to the dealer’s business from a business perspective as the core point. To reach a consensus and get the support of dealers. As a cabinet dealer, the core point is to do well in your own business. Of course, this also requires the promotion of profits through the support of the corresponding marketing activities of the cabinet brand, and the business operation can continue.
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