There are not enough fans for the whole house customization, cabinet companies form different selling points

After cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors and other customized items became popular, there was a trend of whole-house customization. It can fully enhance the effect of space utilization and meet the needs of individual consumption. This is undoubtedly the reason why enterprises such as custom cabinets are sought after. The whole house customization can interpret customization to a higher degree in the overall home space, which undoubtedly attracts one after another. A company is vying to test the waters.

   China custom home furnishing space is very large

   There is a huge room for the development of custom home furnishings in China. 'The proportion of foreign customization is close to 70%, and our country currently has less than 10 points. It should be no problem for China's customized furniture to reach 70% to 80% of the market in the future.' An industry insider said.

   and the convenience of whole-house customization is undoubtedly the antidote for more and more 'lazy' consumers to liberate them from the traditional decoration model of scrabbling, and it is not attractive Underestimate.

  There are not enough “fans” customized for the whole house

   But for now, there are obviously not enough 'fans' for the whole house customization. According to a consumer survey, less than 30% of consumers now choose to customize all household products under a certain brand. About 70% of consumers prefer to choose 'combined' home decoration, and all types of furniture and building materials choose professional brands in the corresponding field. In other words, 'Consumers are not happy to use one brand of furniture for cabinets and wardrobe brands, because they feel unprofessional. It is time for the brand differentiation of custom home furnishings. You can’t find your own. When you are in a position, it will be difficult to grow in the future.” An industry insider reminded.

   cabinet companies can also insist on small and sophisticated

   is like eating Cantonese cuisine in a Sichuan restaurant. This is a small 'adventure' for diners. Consumers will inevitably have some doubts in their hearts to customize home furnishing products from a brand. For cabinet companies, transforming from partial customization to whole-house customization is by no means a simple matter. All categories take all, and it is impossible to get a lot of hard work at your fingertips. Therefore, when it is impossible to control the customization pattern of the whole house, it is a wise move for cabinet companies to take a small but precise route and insist on doing a good job.
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