There are many styles of cabinet materials, I heard that the ones who installed the black sandstone before now regret it! why is that

When we decorate the kitchen, we all make cabinets in the kitchen. Cabinets can be said to be one of the necessary furniture in the kitchen. When customizing cabinets, in addition to choosing good cabinet plates, everyone should also understand the cabinets. There are also many materials to choose from for the countertops. In the past, there was a black sands material that was more popular, but it was slowly eliminated by the market. Then, why did the black sands make cabinet countertops be eliminated? 1. What is black sands marble? Heijinsha is a kind of gabbro in petrology. It is classified as granite in the building materials market, which can be divided into fine grain, medium grain and coarse grain. There are big sands and small sands. The place of origin is in India. The English name of black sand is BlackGalaxy, and the building material market is called granite, but it is defined by geology and petrology as gabbro, and the sand is bronze pyroxene. Compared with other minerals of the pyroxene group, bronze pyroxene is famous for its special metallic luster. Black sands are divided into large sands and small sands. There are big, medium and small sand, and there are thickness. The commonly used stone for our door stone is black sand, the thickness is less than 1.5cm, and it is about 1.2-1.4cm. The door stone pays attention to the integrity, that is, Said that, the door stone is best to be a piece of stone, our doors are generally around 90cm, the ceramic tile used as the door stone often have joints, so marble is more suitable to be used as the door stone. 2. Why is Black Sands being eliminated for cabinet countertops? 1. The first is the appearance: quartz stone>Black Jinsha only knows when you have seen it. The black appearance of the black sand is relatively deep. It is suitable and good grade to make a countertop alone, but if the kitchen area is not very large, the lighting is not very good. In the case of, it is not suitable. The kitchen is after all about a refreshing. From the appearance, the color of black sand is very dark, which cannot meet the demand. Quartz stones are mostly plain and light colors. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the decorative effect is very good. 2. Secondly, abrasion resistance: quartz stone>black sands. Let's first understand the characteristics of quartz stone: it is not expensive to scrape and not to wear. Even if you hold a sharp tool such as a knife or a shovel directly on the table, there will be no scratches, and the wear resistance is very strong. The surface of the black sand is very smooth, and it was also a popular cabinet countertop material. It has good stain resistance, but relatively speaking, the wear resistance of the countertop is worse. 3. The other is hardness: Quartz Stone>Black Sand is a kitchen after all, or bones should be chopped. If there is no certain hardness, how can it work? The disadvantage of Black Sands is that it is brittle and easy to break. In addition, the seams are not strong and it is easy to leak grease. This is a fatal blow to those who do not like to clean the kitchen. The reason why quartz stone has become so popular in recent years is that in addition to its durability, it is also easy to take care of. It is easy to clean up and wipe with water. 3. Which material is good for cabinet countertops? 1. Natural Marble Countertop Marble, as a natural stone, has irregular distribution of stripes on the surface and more patterns, which has a natural and unique beauty. In addition, the texture is hard and scratch-resistant, but it is dense and heavy, and needs strong cabinet support. The disadvantage is that it is relatively brittle, and it is prone to breakage if it is struck hard, and once it breaks, it is not easy to splice. And because it is a natural stone, especially oil stains on it, it is sticky and difficult to clean. 2. Granite countertops Granite is also a natural stone, which has roughly the same advantages and disadvantages as marble, but is slightly more wear-resistant than marble, and has better anti-bacterial regeneration ability, and it is difficult to see slight scratches. It's a bit different from the marble pattern, it is the kind with spots, like black sand, Indian red and so on. 3. Stainless steel countertops Stainless steel is the traditional raw material for household kitchen appliances. As a countertop, its strong texture and easy cleaning are its biggest advantages. However, it will not be restored if it is accidentally scraped by sharp objects. And the visual sense is harder, which is more suitable for those who like metal texture. It may be due to the decline of stainless steel cabinets in the domestic market. Nowadays, such stainless steel countertops are rarely seen in the market. 4. Artificial stone countertop artificial stone, since it is not natural, it can be seamlessly spliced u200bu200band integrally formed without the danger of bacteria breeding at the joints, and at the same time it is resistant to penetration, acid and abrasion. There are scratches, it can be repeatedly polished and refurbished, and many different shapes of countertops can be created, and the colors are also very rich. It can be said to be beautiful and practical countertops. It is recognized as a better countertop, but the price is higher. And as the market changes, some inferior artificial stones are slowly appearing, which are easy to fade and stain oil. The content of the above article is all the information that the editor analyzed for you about why the black sands made cabinet countertops were eliminated. I hope that it can bring you some help. I believe that everyone should now understand the shortcomings of Black Jinsha cabinet countertops. Compared with quartz stone, Black Jinsha cabinet countertops have no advantages. It is better to be used as a door stone.
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