The trend of large home furnishings is obvious, the transformation of cabinet enterprises should be based on 'three integrations'

With the development and maturity of the cabinet market, the competition in the industry has become more and more fierce. The major cabinet brands are in a state of equal competition, and the cabinet market is gradually in a stable state. But for cabinet companies, pressure from all sides still exists, especially in today's era of large homes, cabinet companies can only remain invincible in the fierce competition through continuous transformation and upgrading.

  Automatic integration of cabinet enterprises

  Integration has become more and more obvious in various fields: From the perspective of the production side, the integration of wood has become a 'whole wood home'. The integration of kitchen cabinets has become a 'kitchen and bathroom one.' The increasingly fierce competition in the market makes each brand hope to cut more cakes, so 'integration' turns a single-performance home into a 'soldier assault' from individual soldiers to multi-arms. Such fierce market competition urges cabinet companies to develop towards integration. This trend of integration will only become stronger now. At present, for cabinet companies, either you are actively integrated, or you are passively integrated by others.

  Integration of software services

   If we say integration, it is a collection of hardware products and tangible products. So integration is derived from the consistency of service, construction, quality assurance, word of mouth, and experience. If customers feel that the quality is good and the service is good, they will have trust in the brand and make this trust be passed on. This is why Xiaomi can make mobile phones, watches, boxes, and TVs. This kind of cross-border relying on content, service, word of mouth, and experience can be said to have just begun in the cabinet industry.

  Informatization on platform construction

   Cabinet products have changed from single to diversified, and service has changed from individual to standard. What can be used to maintain the management of the two fists? Industry insiders pointed out that today, the concept of e-commerce, O2O, and Internet thinking is all over the world, and it can only rely on informatization. . But at this stage, e-commerce is only a powerful supplement to sales channels. The essence of O2O is the optimal combination of online and offline resources. At present, it is in a transitional period, and various voices are emerging in endlessly. Only by accelerating the 'informatization construction': the development of informatization design software, the promotion of intelligent production equipment, and the strengthening of channel management informatization standards, can we establish a strong platform support for the 'big home' of cabinet companies.

   At present, cabinet companies are still facing many challenges and there are many areas that need to be optimized, but if cabinet companies want to take the road of large homes, the three-in-one system must be a strong guarantee for cabinet companies. Adhere to the three-in-one integration, cabinet companies may successfully transform and win the future market.
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