The trend of integration of cabinets, kitchens and electricity is obvious, enterprises still face many problems

In recent years, many cabinet manufacturers have begun to provide overall kitchen configuration services, and kitchen-electricity integration is becoming a trend in first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The industry generally believes that the cross-industry prospects for cabinets, kitchens and appliances are good, but the development of the overall kitchen with 'integration of kitchens and appliances' as the main manifestation is still facing many aspects such as low brand cross-industry integration capabilities and diversified consumer demands. problem.

  The trend of bundling cabinets and kitchen appliances is obvious

   In recent years, there have been many brands of cabinet companies involved in the field of kitchen appliances. At the same time, some companies that have been developing for many years in the field of kitchen appliances have chosen to enter the cabinet market, and the bundling of cabinets and kitchen appliances has become a hot spot in the entire home appliance industry and the kitchen industry. It is reported that many home appliance businesses have tried the cabinet industry, and the traditional cabinet industry also has supporting kitchen appliances.

   Kitchen and electricity integration has become a major development trend

   According to relevant statistics, in the next three years, the market size of my country’s kitchen and electricity integration is expected to reach 39 billion yuan. With the overall growth momentum of the home appliance industry slowing down, the market size of range hoods and gas stoves will reach 22 billion yuan and 14.3 billion yuan. Facing the overall kitchen market with unlimited potential, cabinet companies and kitchen appliance companies have begun to penetrate each other, hoping to lead the development of the Chinese kitchen market in the future.

   Some people in the industry said that the integration of cabinets and kitchen appliances, it is difficult to say which party will eventually dominate. At least so far, both parties lack the ability to integrate production coordination, channel construction, and marketing and promotion capabilities of the other party. This series of problems will take time to resolve.

   Many cross-industry problems need to be solved urgently

  First: Solve the fit point of cabinets, kitchen appliances

The production of    cabinets is different from the standardized production of kitchen appliances, and more needs to meet the individual needs of consumers, from Ru0026D and design to production, installation and after-sales, the material, technology, paint, etc. used in each link of the cabinet All have professional requirements. In the installation process, the kitchen appliances also need to be more closely integrated with the kitchen cabinets in terms of performance, not simply superimposing functions. In addition, cabinets are large-scale products, generally have a longer service life than household appliances, and are more expensive than household appliances, so there is no such thing as a household appliance in terms of market demand. Therefore, that kind of fast return home appliance profit cannot be directly reflected in the cabinet industry.

   An insider in the home appliance industry said, “The production of electrical products has its own technical content, such as how to connect with the sink of the cabinet, and will the installer install it? How to solve the after-sales service... this series The problem cabinet companies have to face, if these problems are not solved, it will be difficult to achieve the integration of kitchen and electricity.'

  Second: Meeting consumer needs

  In a consumer demand-oriented market, if a brand wants to win the market, it must not only follow industry trends, but also learn how to cater to consumers and find the best development entry point from the perspective of consumers.

   With the introduction of the overall kitchen concept and the improvement of consumers’ quality of life requirements, while promoting the integration of kitchen and electricity and one-stop supply, enterprises must also consider whether they can realize themselves from production to supply and even marketing, etc. The one-stop service in this respect can satisfy consumers. Once the one-stop satisfaction cannot be achieved, it will inevitably affect the brand’s reputation and consumer recognition.

   Although there are difficulties in cross-border cooperation, people in the cabinet and kitchen appliances industry all said that the integration of kitchen appliances is an inevitable trend. 'Integration of cabinets, kitchens and electricity' is a revolution of traditional scattered home appliances and cabinets. The overall kitchen is a major trend in kitchen decoration at the moment, so it is necessary to properly handle the problems of cabinets and home appliances in the development stage, and find the best fit between the two.
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