The style of cabinets is plagiarized continuously, and the product cost is low and the simple style is sought after

Nowadays, all cabinet companies have their own product styles, including modern style, modern minimalist style, post-modern style, Chinese classical style, European classical style, neo-classical style and so on. It is worth noting that some companies insist on one style throughout their products, while others confuse various styles and claim that their products run through various styles.

   Product cost is low and simple style is sought after

   At present, the mainstream style in the industry is modern and simple style, and its products are characterized by simple design and lighter colors. Many mainstream products of well-known cabinet brands at home and abroad are also based on this style. However, because well-known cabinet brands have their own product brand awareness and reputation, they have a strong influence in the terminal, so they occupy most of the modern and simple style cabinet market. In addition to unlimited price reductions, small and medium-sized cabinet companies often win the market with other style cabinet products.

   Expert analysis, because of the limitations of raw materials and process technology, many cabinet products with complex workmanship require more effort, while modern and simple style products have the lowest cost and the lowest market investment risk. Therefore, most cabinet brands with terminal advantages They all choose to promote modern simplicity as the mainstream style.

   cabinet product material affects style

  According to the editor of Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, the material used in cabinet products is also an important factor affecting its style. For example, as far as the cabinet countertops are concerned, the stainless steel material is hard to form, resulting in the stainless steel cabinets that can be seen on the market, almost all of them are in a single modern and simple style, and cannot express the more complex classical and neo-classical decoration styles.

   There is product style plagiarism in the market

   In addition, as a small and medium cabinet enterprise that started late or does not have terminal advantages, if it wants to win the market, it needs its own characteristics and persistence in product style. But the current situation is that the product styles of most small and medium-sized cabinet companies are chaotic. After imitating or copying other best-selling styles, companies randomly label their products based on market reactions. In the building materials market, you can often see that the exhibition halls of the same cabinet brand are filled with cabinet products of obviously different styles, and the clerk also bluntly said that there is no unified statement about the so-called product styles, as long as the products look good and meet the aesthetics, the so-called The style of the product is just a gimmick in a sense.
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