The smart trash can hidden at the bottom of the cabinet, the trash is swept up and sucked in directly

Nowadays, many people love beauty, but the definition of beauty is not so narrow. When going out to play, we can see fantastic scenery and leave a beautiful moment with the camera. This is also a manifestation of beauty, not only to love beauty, but also Have a pair of eyes that discover beauty. When it comes to house decoration, it also requires aesthetics. Many people decorate the house for the sake of beautiful decoration, and it looks very comfortable. Many people will embed wardrobes, beds, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. into the walls, which is beautiful and saves space at the same time. It is also very practical. However, with the improvement of living standards, not only these electrical appliances can be installed in the wall, but also something you can't think of can also be installed in the furniture. Can you guess what it is? In fact, this kind of tool is what we can see every day. It is a vacuum cleaner. When it comes to this, you may have doubts. The vacuum cleaner can only clean the floor by dragging it. If you leave it there, what is the effect? Next, I will explain to you that when we clean the ground at home, there will always be some blind spots that are not cleaned thoroughly. When the garbage is put into the dustpan, some dust and debris will remain on the ground, which is very annoying. But this new small vacuum cleaner can solve this problem. It is installed at the bottom of the cabinet at home. It only requires workers to cut off a small wooden board at the bottom of the cabinet, and then install this vacuum cleaner, which will not occupy at all. Extra space. When we sweep the floor, we can sweep some unclear dust and debris to the edge of the cabinet, and the vacuum cleaner will automatically suck the garbage in, and the floor will be immediately clean as new. If you are lazy and don’t want to use a dustpan to collect it, you can also directly sweep to the side and let it suck in. The sucked garbage will be automatically put into a garbage bag. If the garbage bag is full, we only need to take out the bag. , Just replace it with a new one. However, this kind of vacuum cleaner is designed to solve some small debris that cannot be removed. Don't think about sweeping some large peel plastic bags to the side. Even if the vacuum cleaner can suck in, the garbage bag inside is also You need to change it often, so make the best use of it, don't be too lazy! Do you want to give it a try? After all, its tall appearance is very popular, and its inconspicuous position makes you not even notice it, but it can solve your problem. Welcome everyone to write your thoughts and opinions in the message area to communicate with me, I can see!
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