The smart market of the cabinet industry has great potential, and it can be said that challenges and opportunities coexist

With the development of the times, science and technology are becoming more and more advanced, and people's requirements for intelligent products are getting higher and higher. Smart cabinets, with the expectation of convenience and intelligence, have been loved by people since they were launched on the market. A large cabinet company has also worked hard when developing smart cabinet products. Throughout the entire year of 2014, transformation, challenges, and opportunities are inextricably linked to smart cabinets.

  Cabinet business transformation, driving intelligent construction

  Corporate transformation and upgrading is the most upset word in the cabinet industry this year. After several years of hard work, some branded furniture companies have deeply felt the necessity of industrial transformation and upgrading after entering 2014. Many cabinet companies believe that product 'intelligence' is the future road for the development of this company. They began to work intensively and increase the research and development of intelligent products. At the same time, more and more companies began to devote themselves to the development of intelligent cabinets. Many companies with relatively mature smart cabinets have begun to extend their tentacles to the cultural and creative industries, e-commerce industries and other sunrise industries, and start new projects through cooperation to achieve industrial chain upgrades and better product intelligence.

  The road to enterprise e-commerce, the challenge of smart cabinets

   This year's 'Double Eleven' brilliant record can be said to be vivid. Several major home furnishing brands have entered the top ten and have obtained substantial profits. Nowadays, consumers' shopping methods are beginning to change, and the trend of e-commerce in all walks of life is obvious. As a cabinet company, you must also want to get a slice of it.

   There is no doubt that the Internet is bringing a brand new world to the cabinet industry. However, the ensuing problems have plagued the e-commerce road of smart cabinets. Online sales of smart products cannot be experienced by users, and smart products are relatively expensive. Consumers generally choose low-priced products for online sales, and smart cabinets are not easy. Online transaction. At the same time, the customization requirements of the cabinet itself are the hindrance to its online sales. Cabinet companies have been immature to take the e-commerce road. Now coupled with the characteristics of inexperienced and relatively expensive smart products, smart cabinets are taking the e-commerce road. Difficulties.

  Many companies look to the smart product market

  As early as June at the Apple Developers Conference, Apple released the smart home platform-HomeKit, marking that the era of smart home is coming to us step by step. Some smart products have also begun to land in people's lives, such as smart sockets and smart bracelets, which can be used to make home appliances and lights under WIFI conditions... and manufacturers including Xiaomi and Haier are also moving to smart homes. Smart cabinets, as an important member of smart homes, home furnishing products with great market potential, must be favored by major companies in the future Ru0026D and promotion, and focus on investment. This is an opportunity and opportunity for the development of smart cabinets. Cabinet companies should also see the trend and increase their investment in smart cabinets to win the future market!
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