The sinking of the cabinet channel can use e-commerce to open up the rural market

In the fierce market competition, it is very important for cabinet companies to choose the correct operating model. Under the correct model, cabinet companies can not only establish a firm foothold, but also may rely on this to emerge in the market. Of course, the operation mode of the cabinet enterprise needs to be based on the consumer's lifestyle, behavior and habits. With such a foundation, the cabinet enterprise can form or drive new consumer demand by planning and innovating. More competitive market space.

  E-commerce can promote channel sinking

   This is also a major reason why e-commerce has received a lot of attention in the cabinet industry. Cabinet companies have no lack of courage and innovative wisdom for continuous exploration of products and services. They follow the trend, change from time to time, and follow the laws of the market to upgrade, transform and adjust, which is what the cabinet companies are doing. Therefore, how to combine the hottest e-commerce companies with the sinking of the cabinet companies' channels is also a major direction for cabinet companies to break through.

   Jack Ma once said in his speech on Double 11 that the purpose of Alibaba Group’s wirelessization is to hope that farmers in rural China will have the opportunity to enjoy life in cities and towns. In order to achieve this goal, Alibaba recently launched 'Rural Taobao' for the rural market, providing agricultural products, agricultural materials and tools, and daily necessities to farmers. If cabinet companies want to sink channels, they can certainly take advantage of this convenience.

   enter the second and third tier markets at low prices

  Once the e-commerce becomes operational, it will change the current situation where the first-tier cabinet brands cannot adapt to the second- and third-tier markets. Why can't the first-tier cabinet brands adapt to the second- and third-tier markets, or even lose money? But can small businesses go smoothly in the second and third tier markets? In the past, it was because the second and third tier markets pursued cheaper prices. Naturally, it was difficult to arouse interest in cabinet brands that emphasized cultural connotations and market added value. But e-commerce is different. An important feature of e-commerce platforms is low prices, especially on promotion days. Even high-end products are sold at low prices. Imagine that there are cabinets with low prices but relatively poor quality on the one hand, and cabinets with a slightly higher price and similar quality on the other. Let consumers choose which one to choose? The answer is obvious.

   E-commerce is undoubtedly the key to opening up new markets in rural areas for cabinet brands. Cabinet brands only need to use the daily network operation expenses to get more attention, and there is no need to open physical stores, experience stores and go to Advertising in other media. Small and weak cabinet companies will face more pressure to survive due to the arrival of e-commerce. E-commerce deprives their price advantage. When the price level is almost on the same line but the quality is far below the cabinet brand, small cabinet companies The competitive advantage will also be gradually lost.
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