The same is custom cabinets, why are other people's homes so advanced?

Technology lights up life, and everything becomes young and compelling. Life is nothing more than three meals a day, and the soul's home-'kitchen' that surrounds it often gathers the infinite wisdom of mankind. Those cool and crazy black technologies, let’s get to know them first~ These are like smart designs with super powers, in fact, there is a high-level player hidden behind them, which are hardware accessories! With the rapid development of science and technology, the intelligent kitchen makes life happy and efficient. What is less known is that hardware is the advanced player in this revolution in kitchen life, leading the future trend of intelligent cabinets / invisible handle design / the handles of the doors of many cabinets on the market are exposed. If there are children at home who are worried about bumps, or are looking for a simple high-end kitchen style, you may wish to consider a handleless design. Floor cabinet, wall cabinet: cabinet door rebounder, or electric system. The door bouncer is very simple and easy to use. It can be opened by pressing the door lightly. The electric system is even more advanced, and it opens at the touch of a button. All friends can consider starting, making your kitchen life smart and comfortable. Drawer: Rebound rail/slide rail Rebound rail is suitable for drawers, and the drawer can be ejected by lightly pressing. Efficient kitchen life can be arranged clearly and clearly with one finger. / Wall cabinet lifting basket / This is an upgraded version of the flip-up wall cabinet, the pull-down handle is ergonomically designed, easy to pick up, and can be parked at any position. So cool, don’t forget to show off the operation in front of your friends~/Segmented pull-down baskets/Designers want to design the cabinets into jingle cat’s treasure bags in order to make the kitchen more fittable. Thus, the segmented pull-down basket was born. In this way, the storage ability to get, force the grid to be upupup, kill two birds with one stone. / Base cabinet pull basket / In the past, the base cabinet used two layers of shelves to complete the work. Every time I fetched things, it seemed to be doing 'stand up and squat downSo there is the design of the pull basket, which is convenient and easy to use while having a powerful storage function. There is nothing wrong with it except that it is expensive. Corner pull basket When the cabinet encounters an L-shaped/U-shaped layout, the corner space is easily wasted. At this time, pull the basket around the corner to find out, and experience it in minutes. Grain pull baskets Grain pull baskets are generally pull-out, which is especially convenient for taking out and storing rice and beans. The bamboo and wood materials are environmentally friendly and healthy. No need to worry about my grains anymore~ Dishes pull baskets. An independent drip tray is placed under each layer of the pull basket, and there is nothing wet. In addition to the excellent performance of hardware in intelligent design, many corners of the cabinet have its diligent figure. The importance of hardware is as important as the joints of the human body. Once the hardware is inadequate, a large area of u200bu200bthe cabinet will be affected, and it is not worthwhile to make a small loss. So, let’s follow Xiaoju to learn more about the hardware knowledge of cabinet hardware~ If the appearance of cabinets is supported by door panels and countertops, then its soul is given by hardware accessories. Many small partners spend a lot of money on custom-made cabinets, but because they ignore the small details of hardware, they still dislike it after they get home. Hinges, slide rails, handles, support rods, etc., these four categories are necessary hardware products for making cabinets. / The hinge/hinge connects the cabinet door and the side panel, and can be used tens of thousands of times. The quality requirements are self-evident. At present, many cabinets will be equipped with damping hinges. The biggest advantage is that it is silent. Even if you accidentally let go, the cabinet door will slowly close, so you don’t have to worry about making a violent collision. / Drawer rails / Drawer rails are second only to hinges in importance. The slide rails with poor quality will be difficult to push and pull over a long period of time, and they will be “derailed” every minute. If it is a sliding rail with damping, it is not afraid of pushing hard, and it will protect the kitchen utensils in the cabinet while being silent, which is more cost-effective. / Support bar / Many people like to design the wall cabinet to flip up, which is more convenient for accessing items, and they are not afraid of knocking. The support rod is the standard configuration of the flip-up wall cabinet. If the wall cabinet is installed too high, it can be hovered in any position by using the random stop gas support. It is not afraid of holding hands sore, which can be said to be very user-friendly. / Handle/Handle is the player with the highest appearance rate in hardware. Pay attention to when purchasing, generally all copper and stainless steel materials are better. It is best to choose a handle that has been electroplated and electrostatically painted, which has abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. In general, the quality of hardware must be excellent. Good hardware can prolong the service life of the cabinet. In the long run, it is also a cost-effective investment. Reminder: Quickly write down the tips for hardware purchase~①Hinge: Choose hinge first, look at the material, good hinge feels thick, smooth surface, and anti-rust and anti-corrosion; second, it must open and close smoothly, not The door is not tightly closed. ②Guide rail: Generally speaking, it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of drawer guide rails in terms of appearance and use. It is recommended to choose high-quality drawer guide rails made of stainless steel. ③Support rod: It must also be pushed and pulled smoothly, without noise and jamming. ④ Pulling basket: Pulling baskets are artifacts in the kitchen. They are generally made of stainless steel, plated and baked. It is best to choose stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, and has good corrosion resistance and load-bearing capacity.
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