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The promotion of cabinet companies is normalized, and the lack of new ideas makes the market passive

by:Hench Hardware     2021-08-30
This year, affected by the property market, it can be said that the domestic cabinet market is slightly weak, and the sales volume of the cabinet market is lower than expected. The growth rate of the cabinet market has slowed down. In addition to the downturn in the real estate market, some insiders said that with the increase in competition, the 'good days' of the cabinet industry have passed, rising costs, homogenized products, and frequent emergence. The price war in China has also made businesses feel that life is not easy. Normalization of sales promotion is not a long-term solution after all. Introducing the old and creating new things with less volume and new ideas may be better to win the market.

   Cabinet business promotion is normalized

   Some cabinet industry observers said that many stores generally start making big gimmicks and launching publicity offensives one week before the holiday. This year’s sales promotion season also appears to be extremely long. The sales prices of all major stores are competing against each other, but many businesses still report that they cannot fulfill this year’s sales tasks. In this regard, industry analysts have pointed out that frequent promotional activities may be a major reason for the weakening of the attractiveness of holiday promotions.

   This view was affirmed by a certain furniture brand dealer. The distributor said, “The store has activities every week, month and month, and there are discounts when you come in at any time, so consumers naturally don’t have to get together for holiday promotions.” From this point of view, this model of stimulating consumption with reduced prices, The effect of soliciting customers is diminishing year by year.

   As far as this year is concerned, the Golden Week promotion is not satisfactory, but the business seems to have been expecting this situation. A relevant person in charge of a home furnishing store said that the National Day market this year was relatively flat and there was no hot scene in previous years. He said, 'This situation has actually started to appear since the Mid-Autumn Festival. Sales during the Mid-Autumn Festival have been diving compared to last year. At that time, we predicted that this year's National Day would not be much better.' The person in charge also revealed that the cabinet Promotions have become more and more normal, and the public is slightly weaker than before.

   cabinet promotions lack new ideas

   In the face of the current situation of increasing normalization of sales promotion, many cabinet companies still adopt common forms such as discounts, sweepstakes, gifts, president signing and sales, etc., and they are accompanied by huge billboards and advertising in major media. Publicity advertising, holiday promotion style can be said to be exactly the same. The lack of innovative promotional models will inevitably fail to attract the growing eyeball needs of consumers. In today’s fast-food era, new ideas and creativity mean attracting consumers. Only when consumers’ attention and curiosity are aroused can products be sold. In other words, only innovative promotional activities are the guarantee of sales.
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