The promotion of cabinet branding lies in persistence, focusing on early accumulation is the key

In the past, many companies in the cabinet industry just immersed themselves in making products, ignoring brand promotion, and the promotion method was relatively simple. This would lead to a situation where the expansion of the consumer group was too slow and affect the expansion of the company. Therefore, cabinet companies must be good at adding weight to brand promotion and brand image building, focusing on accumulation and persistence, and constantly expanding brand effects, in order to gradually widen the gap with competitors.

  The publicity of the cabinet company depends on persistence

   Nowadays, many companies show a conservative attitude when they advertise in the media, and they hesitate while deciding. A representative of a cabinet company said that they should do one or two periods first to see if there is any effect, and then do it later. Whether to increase the demand for publicity. In this regard, some people in the industry believe that companies should change their concepts and cannot rely on short-term advertisements for their order sales.

   The advertising of the cabinet company brand is not done overnight, nor is it immediately visible as soon as it is launched. The effect of the promotion is based on the market perception of the product, that is, the premise of the company's product is to have a certain position in the market and obtain the quality of the product Certain recognition, then the promotion effect will play a helpful role.

   Better early accumulation effect

   It takes a lot of patience to do brand promotion, and it needs to accumulate and improve bit by bit. When the product line combination and display system of the cabinet company has not been perfected, when the corporate image and brand image have not been greatly improved and perfected, they have rushed to spend huge sums of money on investment promotion and image promotion, and the brand awareness has been established, but The brand reputation has not been significantly improved, and the effect of investment promotion has been greatly reduced.

   This is because the most basic things in the brand have not been completely straightened out, and you have rushed to spend a huge amount of money in publicity, and the knowledgeable can only say that you are creative and courageous; but you may also be jokes by laymen. Professionals suggest that cabinet companies should do what they can in their promotion and use their limited marketing resources to motivate business personnel and support dealers; bundle them with dealers for marketing.
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