The price war of cabinet products is no longer dazzling, brand building should return to integrity

'The basic trust between people is gone.' Netizens often use this sentence as a joke. In fact, lack of integrity is also a serious problem at the moment, and disputes in all walks of life are often caused by dishonesty. Therefore, cabinet companies must see that when building a brand, it is not just a price war to attract customers, but to put integrity in the first place and allow the brand to develop in a healthy manner.

   Let the brand exert more energy

  In today's cabinet consumer market, consumers often know little about cabinet brands, instead of just saying a series of brand names as they do for other products such as mobile phones and clothing. It can be seen that the brand building of the cabinet industry is not very mature. In such an era of market freedom, the importance of brands is self-evident. Cabinet companies must see the power of brands, and more importantly, build powerful brands.

  Industry insiders said, “Improving brand awareness can strengthen the competitiveness of the brand, and can form an invisible and lasting impetus to the development of the brand. In fact, the brand of cabinet companies will greatly contribute to the improvement of corporate awareness and competitiveness. This improvement does not come from the investment of human, material and financial resources, but depends on the intangible cultural power of the brand.' In short, the cabinet brand is the intangible asset of the cabinet company, and the cabinet company needs to focus on brand building.

  Return to honesty, healthy development

   Nowadays, many domestic cabinet companies are actively introducing advanced equipment and raw materials or conducting sales promotion. This is only a superficial form. In fact, the help for their own brand building is very limited. The key for cabinet companies to do a good job in brand building is to take root in the local area and integrate their products into the local economic and cultural development. Only in this way can there be a virtuous circle in brand development, and brand building will naturally follow. Rather than deliberately pursuing the false height of the big names, otherwise it will make the cabinet companies and the brand ungrounded, leading to the 'malnutrition' of brand building.

   In addition, when building a brand, cabinet companies should pay attention to the fact that brand building must be based on honesty and quality. Only after gaining consumer trust and support, can the company’s products have market share Rate and economic benefits. The construction of cabinet brand includes brand positioning, brand planning, brand image, brand expansion, etc. The cabinet products and spiritual culture must be consistent, and well-known brands are often telling the same story. Therefore, the brand is not how the society wants the company to position, but the cabinet company itself has to do something from within, and then take on more social responsibilities.
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