The overall kitchen has caused a new round of fierce battles. How do cabinet companies enter the market?

In the past 2014, the craze of the first year of 'Big Home' has not yet receded. 'Big Home' will still be sought after by cabinet brands. In addition to being driven by consumers' one-stop shopping demand, the 'synergy' it can bring is also a Great stimulus. The 'integrated kitchen' has huge market capacity and consumption potential, and it can be said to be more advantageous in the industry chain. Many brand companies have successively expanded their large home furnishing business, which will cause another round of fierce battles in the industry.

   cross-border home furnishing industry to seize the overall kitchen market

   According to relevant data, the overall kitchen market space will reach more than 30 billion yuan in the next three years. If a large number of kitchen appliances are added to it, the market space is expected to reach 400 billion yuan in the next 10 years.

   The 'integrated kitchen' market has been eyed by many investors. In addition to traditional cabinet companies, companies in the building materials industry such as home appliances, bathroom, hardware, etc. have cross-border seizures, hoping to get the cake of the 100 billion yuan market.

  The new-style kitchen is very demanding

  Industry insiders pointed out that the true overall kitchen is a modern kitchen with kitchenware, hood and stove in one trinity.

  The overall kitchen is a tailor-made, non-standard, personalized product. The refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, and even washing machine should be placed in the kitchen, and the cabinets are organically formed.

   Kitchen appliance integration should be closely integrated

   Kitchen appliance integration has basically become the industry's interpretation of the overall kitchen, and most overall kitchen brands can only produce simple cabinets, and kitchen appliances can only rely on others, in order to maintain higher profits , You can only choose miscellaneous electrical appliances, and this is bound to bring huge troubles in design, installation, and especially after-sales.

   Based on the above points, if cabinet companies want to grasp the huge market of the overall kitchen in a large home environment, they must pay attention to the integration of cabinets and other home appliances, as well as the improvement of product installation and after-sales service.
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